11 Top Tips for Outstanding Ecommerce Design

A stunning website sure grabs our eyeballs. It captures our attention and compels us to visit the same. Pleasing and minimalistic design, easy navigation, and a well-defined menu are some of the attributes of a good web design. As we are gearing up to a world where online shopping is the norm, having an attractive and responsive website design.

An eCommerce website should have all the elements of a good design, easy navigation, and ease of access. It helps when we design our website based on the visitor’s point of view. This can give a clear perspective of what we can expect from our visitors, their shopping preferences, and many more.

As we discuss further, below are some of the main points that are to be considered when designing a world-class eCommerce website.

  1. Simple Design

    When designing a website, it is always helpful to keep the layout on a minimalistic theme. With clear icons and a simple layout, we can make our client focus on the endpoint i.e .sale. Too many objects and information can give a clumsy feel and thereby make our website look disorganized.
  2. Branding

    A company is known for the brand awareness it creates. The first thing that comes to a client’s mind is the logo of the company. Placing the logo and highlighting the brand in the right places can leverage the brand in a huge way.
  3. Mobile Responsiveness

    As more and more people are shopping on the go, having a mobile-friendly website is a prerequisite for any eCommerce company. The overall feel and the quality should not be compromised when creating a mobile-friendly website.
  4. Images and graphics

    When the clients purchase an item from our website, they make a conscious decision based on the image they see. Having good quality images and graphics can really enhance the consumer experience in making a conscious decision and thereby converting it into a sale. The use of colors can also make a huge difference. Designing an eCommerce website that visually appeals to your audience can help a long way. Conscious use of brand colors while maintaining the ethos is a definite way of reaching your audience.
  5. Use Pop Ups

    Pop-ups are a great way of attracting potential customers to our website. By advertising our latest collections or new offers, we attract more visitors to our site thereby increasing sales. Also, encourage customers to sign in for your newsletters so that they can be up to date with the latest offers and product launches.
  6. Exclusive Review Section

    One way in which an eCommerce site can increase its client base is through positive reviews from the existing customers. An exclusive section dedicated to client reviews can make a positive impact on the brand and the website. The more a website receives reviews, the more likely it will be featured on the top of the list.
  7. SEO

    Focus on SEO can provide a positive outcome for any website. With targeted keywords and backlinks, websites have a greater chance of reaching out to more customers with your products. SEO also offers an option of staying on track with the rankings that can assist you in being more visible on the web.

    Targeted keywords and relevant product descriptions are a sure way to land more customers on your website. A thorough study of analytics can provide a clear understanding of the areas that are to be focused on to gain maximum leverage. A balanced approach can help gain more visitors and also cater to a wider audience. Demographics, client preferences, and other metrics have to be considered while making an informed decision.
  8. Easy Navigation

    When designing the website, the main point that is to be kept in the mind is the ease of accessing the menu and navigation. With drop-down menus and well-defined product categories, customers while visiting your page will be tempted to look more.
  9. Simplified Checkout Process

    An easy and hassle-free checkout process will attract customers more to your website. Integrated payment options and cart options make a huge difference for your clients when shopping. With a choice to review the cart before making the final purchase, it simplifies the checkout process thus making shopping easy.
  10. Contact page

    Whether it’s customer support or grievance, providing committed contact information makes a huge difference to the clients. Dependable customer service and an informative FAQ section guide the clients to connect with the brand in a more intuitive way.
  11. Think like your client

    The final and the most important tip that can provide a huge return is thinking like your client. Putting yourself in your client and trying to understand their requirements can help boost sales in a huge way. Understanding their requirements and their needs and designing your website based on that sure wins you brownie points in your favor.

    To sum it up,eCommerce design is an ever-changing landscape. As the customer preference changes, so should our design. Keeping in tune with the latest trends and the change in client behavior provides us with a base to design our website.

    With subtle changes and little tweaks, your eCommerce website is competitive and ready to rock the world.

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