15 Product Ideas To Help Your Clients Develop the Perfect Body

It’s official: Americans are searching for new and better ways to improve their bodies. Researchers estimate that up to 40 percent of women and 30 percent of men experience some form of body dissatisfaction. As a result, people are more willing than ever to spend money on products that’ll help them reach their health and fitness goals. 

If you’re a trainer or dietitian, then you’re probably looking for products to recommend to your clients to help them achieve the perfect body they’ve been dreaming of. Thankfully, the market has never been packed with more helpful gadgets to help them do just that. Read on for some fantastic suggestions that’ll add value to your clients’ health and fitness routines! 

1. Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are a super popular accessory amongst everyone from the casual walker to the professional bodybuilder. There’s a good reason for that. Fitness trackers help your clients track everything from the number of steps they take on a daily basis to the number of minutes they spend exercising. 

Which fitness tracker should you recommend to your clients? That depends on their fitness goals and technology preferences. One of the most popular fitness trackers comes on the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch tracks steps, active minutes, and standing hours. It also tracks the specific workout you’re completing, and it can even be worn in the pool. It also uses metrics to help your clients analyze things like their overall fitness level, balance, and stride length.

Other great options for fitness trackers include the Fitbit and Garmin watches. Both are great options for people who are more budget conscious or prefer fewer bells and whistles. Giving your clients a variety of options makes entering the world of fitness trackers much more accessible.

2. Shaker Bottles

As a health and fitness professional, you know that it is sometimes quite difficult to get all of your nutrition in during the day. One of the best ways to accomplish that is through supplement beverages. The only problem with them is that they’re difficult to mix properly. 

Shaker bottles make that struggle a thing of the past. They’re labeled with ounces and contain a mixing element inside the bottle to break up the supplement powder that you put in. Then, all you need to do is grab your bottle and go about your day without having to dirty any other dishes. 

Depending on your client’s nutrition needs, shaker bottles come in a variety of sizes. They also come with different mixing elements, including actual blender blades that you can detach from the bottle before heading out. That makes them an incredibly versatile way for your clients to improve nutrition and cut calories. 

3. Resistance Bands

Part of creating a body that you’re happy with means going to the gym for regular aerobic and strength training exercises. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and your clients aren’t always able to make it to the gym for a workout. That doesn’t mean they have to forego their exercise altogether. 

Having the flexibility to work out at home or on the road is one of the best ways to meet fitness goals. That’s where resistance bands come in. Resistance bands provide similar benefits to lifting weights, but they cost a fraction of the price, and they don’t take up much space in your luggage.

Setting your clients up with a set of resistance bands is basically setting them up for success. 

4. Yoga Mats

People measure fitness in a variety of different ways. Maybe it’s based on the size of your muscles and your deadlift weight. Maybe it’s based on how fast you can run a marathon.

However you measure your fitness goals, it’s important to diversify your fitness activities to achieve a higher level of fitness. One of the greatest ways to augment your clients’ fitness routine is to ask them to incorporate activities that yoga and pilates into their regimens. 

Yoga provides practitioners with increased flexibility, improves their muscle strength and tone, and it helps protect them from injuries. Your clients can practice yoga from pretty much anywhere in the world, all they need is a yoga mat!

For these reasons, adding a yoga mat to your client’s shopping lists is a great way to help them meet their fitness goals.

5. Protein Powder

No matter which health or fitness goal you’re trying to reach, one of the most important things you can do for your body is to give it the nutrition it needs. Protein is an essential part of every person’s diet, especially if they’re trying to build lean muscle and slim down. 

For some people, however, getting enough protein in their diet is a challenge. That’s where protein powder comes in. Protein powder, added to a liquid like milk or water, is a great way to help your clients get enough protein in their diets. 

Protein powders have been around for a long time, which means that they’re no longer chalky and flavorless. They also come in vegan and vegetarian forms for people who prefer to avoid animal proteins. 

6. SARMs

Certain clients have extremely specialized fitness goals in mind when they start their training regimen. That means that ordinary timelines and ordinary supplements aren’t going to be enough to help them meet their goals. This is especially true for those live a bodybuilding lifestyle and need to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. 

SARMs help bodybuilders put on muscle mass and get lean in time for their next competition. Ostarine is one option for those researching new ways to enhance muscle growth. If your clients are interested in SARMs, encourage them to do their research and consult with a physician to assist their fitness journey. 

7. Dumbbell Sets

Why go to the gym to get your reps in when you can stay home and do the same thing?

If your clients are serious about their strength training goals, then one of the best investments they can make is a set of dumbbells for their home fitness space. They are much pricier than a set of resistance bands, but they’re also super durable and versatile for a number of different exercises. 

If your clients get a dumbbell rack and bench, they can dedicate a small part of their home toward their fitness goals. 

8. Vitamix Blender

Do you want your client to have a snazzy kitchen gadget to inspire them to meet their nutrition goals? Then a Vitamix blender is the right choice to recommend to them. Vitamix blenders are a great way for your clients to make everything from smoothies to soups.

A lot of people think of juicing when they think of drinking their nutrition. The problem with juicing is that removes the beneficial fiber from the ingredients and can spike blood sugar levels. Opting for smoothies helps clients get all of their daily fruits into their diet, and they can even sneak some veggies into the mix, too!

Using a blender like Vitamix ensures that the smoothie ingredients are fully broken down and much more palatable.

9. Inversion Table

Meeting fitness goals doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, clients struggle with aches and pains that stunt their progress. That’s where inversion therapy comes in. 

Inversion tables suspend people upside down to essentially stretch out the spine and ease back pain. Inversion tables are also helpful for people who struggle with things like sciatica, poor circulation, and scoliosis. Inversion tables come with a variety of features, and cost between $100 and $400.

If your clients aren’t sold on the table, there are also inversion chairs available that serve similar functions. 

10. Food Scale

At any given time, approximately half the United States population is trying to lose weight. Many people find that the best way to do this is by counting the calories they eat versus the calories they burn. 

Unfortunately, portion sizes are notoriously difficult to eyeball, and even measuring cups and spoons give inconsistent measurements. One of the best ways to ensure your clients are meeting their caloric needs is by having them measure their food by weight on a food scale. Coordinate food scales with nutrition trackers and your clients will be on track to weight loss success. 

11. Foam Rollers

No workout is complete without stretching out your muscles at the end. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stretch out isolated spots on your body. This is especially true when you have a knotted muscle or mild muscle pain after a workout. 

Foam rollers are a great way to shake up your clients’ post-workout routine. Not only do they help alleviate sore muscles, but they increase blood flow to your muscles, increasing healing.

Enhance their effectiveness with hot or cold compresses. Use heat to ease muscle tension and cold to reduce pain and swelling.

12. Meal Prep Systems

In a perfect world, your clients would be motivated to eat according to their caloric and nutritional needs at every meal. Life gets in the way of that, though. Work days go long, kids get sick, and sometimes your clients just won’t feel like cooking for themselves.

The best way to conquer nutritional apathy is to make sure that they’re fully prepared for the week. Recommending a meal prep system that includes multiple containers makes it super easy for your clients to stick to their diet and avoid binging on pizza mid-week. Encourage them to set aside some time each week to prep their food, and they’ll be in good nutritional shape!

13. Specialty Bathroom Scales

Different clients have different weight-related goals. Some want to lose weight and cut body fat. Others want to put on some pounds in the form of lean muscle. 

No matter what your client’s weight goal is, a simple bathroom scale won’t cut it. There are scales on the market today that do so much more than tell you your weight. Many tell you your weight and break down your weight into percentages of fat and muscle. 

Some scales even sync up to a phone-based app that helps you track the trends in your weight, so you don’t get thrown by a sudden gain or loss.

14. Lifting Straps

Lifting heavy is a great goal, especially for people who want to be a professional bodybuilder. Lifting heavy comes with some risks, though, and it can cause serious injuries if you’re not careful. 

If your bodybuilding client is safety-minded, then lifting straps are a great item to add to their lifting tools. Lifting straps make it easier for lifters to do things like hold onto heavy weights for long periods of time. They’re also great for pull exercises like deadlifts and heavy rows.

15. Nutritional Supplements

Meeting nutritional needs is not easy, especially for athletes. That’s why it’s so important for your clients to consider nutritional supplements.

Work with your clients to assess their current diet and determine where the gaps in their nutrition lie. If they can’t fulfill those nutritional gaps with food, then supplements are a solid way to fully meet their needs. Things like vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin B12 are critical components of a healthy diet and solid supplement options. 

These Products Are a Great Start to a Perfect Body!

Okay, creating an objectively perfect body is a high bar to set for yourself and your clients alike. That doesn’t mean your clients can’t reach for the stars.

You can help them meet their health and fitness goals, however, by recommending products that augment their routines for the better. Adding things like fitness trackers and food scales gives them more control over their overall health. On top of those benefits, giving your clients recommendations like these enhances the quality of your services, too!

Are you looking for more awesome advice about everything from health and fitness to building your career and business? That’s what we’re here for! Take some time to scroll through the rest of our blog for a ton of great content!

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