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3 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

More and more companies are encouraged to publish in the Instagram stories section. This activity makes it difficult in standing out from the competition and actually providing content that may be of interest to our target audience.

For this reason, today from Likigram we will talk about 3 tips to make your stories attractive to everyone. Here we go!

Don’t forget your brand identity

Just as you skip posts that don’t tell you anything new, other users will too. The limited duration of the publications is not valid as an excuse.

Try to think about whether what you want to show is going to add some kind of value to your users. You can ask yourself the following questions: Is my content interesting? What would I like to see if I were a follower of the brand? What aspects seem most relevant to me? Is there something I haven’t talked about yet that I would like to?

In addition, do not forget to follow the style guidelines of your company. The corporate colors, the fonts, the language used…

Set a steady pace

As with the rest of the publications, it is important that you sit down to plan what and when they are going to be generated and show new things about the brand.

There is no magic formula that tells us about the number of times we should upload something new. It is clear that we must be present but without becoming that friend who sends jokes all day through the WhatsApp group. The key is to try and see what works best for your business.

To organize everything you have planned and convey an orderly and coherent image, the featured stories will be your great ally. Create different sections to classify your stories so that everything follows a common line.

Always attentive to news!

Instagram is continually introducing updates and changes. Emoticons, locations, surveys, music, locations… stickers can be your great ally if you apply them sensibly. In addition, these tools will allow you to obtain valuable information for your business. An example of this is the surveys: your followers will answer questions that you can later analyze in detail and draw conclusions about tastes, trends, what attracts them the most and what doesn’t, etc.

The direct ones are another option that can be especially useful for you. If among the objectives of your company is to get closer to your customers. You will be able to make your team known, show how they carry out their work, or tell first-hand about the advantages of a product. This way you can achieve greater trust with your users and therefore achieve greater interaction.

You can also rely on different applications to make your content look better. Investigate which options work best in relation to your brand and make them your allies.

In short, Instagram Stories offers us a wide range of possibilities to reach our users and connect with them. Of course, it is essential to do it with prior planning and strategy that prevents us from publishing content that lacks interest or saturates our followers. I hope these tips help you shine in your stories.

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