4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping for Jackets

No doubt, jackets, blazers, and knits have become the essentials of accessorizing or styling a basic outfit. While women’s jackets are often related to winters and cozy wear, jackets make a fashion statement when it comes to spicing up any outfit look. Jackets are versatile and can help you pull off both ends. And whether you yearn for a classy, streamlined look or a comfy and minimalistic look, the right jacket can put it into the picture. Unfortunately, the versatility has turned into a problem, making shoppers perplexed with the many choices and end up not finding the appropriate one.

Ways to Ensure Buying the Right Jacket

Meanwhile, you might need a jacket to pull off the winter, add to your trekking gear kit or solely style your maxi. Also, remember that the same jacket cannot meet all these distinct needs. As a result, you need to turn picky when it comes to choosing a layer coat. So, here is a list of typical mistakes to avoid while shopping for a jacket:

  1. Overlooking the Distinction

Sometimes, most jacket types may seem similar, and many tend to pick randomly without understanding the many kinds available. You will not want to wear a raincoat over a maxi or a formal suit. Hence, you must pay attention to the type of jacket you genuinely require. So, if you are looking for a daily wear jacket, you will have two primary choices. As such, wool and leather jackets are the typical options. As such, you can choose leather if you prefer durability over style. Woolen jackets are versatile and just the perfect addition to winter clothing. On the flip side, if you’d prefer slipping on a jacket during summers and springs, choose from cotton and linen jackets for the best comfort. 

  1. Picking Oversized Jackets

Though jackets and layer coats are pretty bulky and flowy, you must always go for the apt size. Choosing an oversized jacket so that it can serve longer is no sensible idea. Meanwhile, you are ultimately investing in an overcoat that is just not functional but also seems bizarre when layered. You indeed need to size up from your regular tees when buying jackets. But do not solely go in for oversized jackets. Oversized coats may have longer and bulky sleeves, which can spoil the richness of the overcoat. So, always ensure that the sleeve falls just on your thumb or somewhere above. 

  1. Prioritizing Insulation

With women’s jackets, you need not always consider the insulation factor and prioritize it. On that note, you can regard how heavy the jacket is so that you do not feel cramped when wrapped in the overcoat. As such, lightweight coats are undeniably the most comforting choice. So, with the warmth score, try picking medium-range insulation to ensure that it can get used during all seasons. And in cases of extreme winters, layer up the jacket with some extra blazers and scarves for coziness. Furthermore, if you are buying jackets with down insulation, remember they may not be a sensible pick for monsoon winters. That being said, synthetic jackets work best in rainy seasons, being water-repellent. 

  1. Not Considering the Shape

With jackets, you need to consider your body shape- to buy the best fit. It’s so because several jacket types can flaunt your figure wrongly. The cut of the jacket must compliment your body type. And if you prefer a figure-flattering look with an overcoat, find a jacket with a fitted waist. Besides, if you have an hourglass silhouette, prefer jackets with belts and form-fitting coats. On the bottom line, it is advisable to keep jackets simple without too many embellishments to seem aptly dressed. 

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