4 New Tools to Help With Taxes in 2022

Getting your taxes done this tax year couldn’t be any easier. There is now an abundance of different tools available to help you get your taxes filed quickly and easily, without spending a fortune. If you’re curious about the new tools available to help you with your taxes, read on to learn more about four of them! 

1. TaxAct Express App 

Your tax refunds are more likely to be accurate with apps and online tax tools that do all the hard work for you. Using these apps, you can check for deductions and credits to ensure that you get as much return as possible. You can even track expenses with some of the apps, as most apps take the same amount of time to complete the filing process. 

With apps like TaxAct Express, you can manage your taxes and spend under $20 for direct deposit refunds, and this is significantly cheaper than other apps that charge upwards of $40 for filing services. TaxAct Express is the app that goes along with the TaxAct tax prep software for professionals and individuals alike. 

You can upload your data from last year, regardless of your provider. Tracking your tax data and information is easy! You can keep tabs on your information wherever you are and use the error features to ensure you are error-free when filing. You’ll get 20% off services and an Amazon gift card if you refer someone! 

2. Self-Employed Tax Tools

With the gig economy, freelancing, and self-employed income now at an all-time high, tax providers are offering services to accommodate the growing changes in today’s economy. With services like QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can address your tax situation efficiently. Not only does the app provide express tracking for your business (as well as filing), but you can send payments using the app. 

The app goes along with QuickBooks software and can be easily integrated with TurboTax if that applies to you and your tax situation. You can keep tabs on your business and personal expenses and manage your invoices from the app. Choose from three self-employed packages to find the tax filing situation that is most accommodating to you! 

3. TurboTax Tax Return App

As an app for the TurboTax software, you can now enjoy a guaranteed refund of the maximum amount, whether you use the accessible version of TurboTax or not! With the app, you can even pay your taxes using your refund of $39.99. If you want to skip this option, go ahead, and file your fees using a card or through your checking account. 

Depending on how you plan to file your taxes, there are four different TurboTax packages, all of which can be integrated into your smartphone or online. Enjoy additional packages for advanced life support if you need expert advice while filing. 

4. YNAB Budgeting App

With You Need a Budget, you can overview financial reporting via a spreadsheet of your income and expenses to file your taxes accurately. You can also file by yourself and use the budgeting tool to help you stay on track! 

You also get access to tutorials to help you get more familiar with tax filing and budgeting, and you can sync your transactions across your other accounts. With YNAB, you budget correctly and ensure accurate filing when it’s time to pass along your data to your tax preparer.

Filing Taxes Is Easy 

Filing your taxes this year is easy with affordable and dependable tools on your side. Consider the four new tools above and get going with your tax filing this year.

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