4 Warm and Fuzzy Benefits of Senior Dog Adoption

Senior dog adoption offers excellent benefits both to you and your new friend. Many of us jump at the opportunity to add a puppy to the family, but there are also many advantages to adopting older dogs.

Although senior dogs are often overlooked in shelters, they have a lot of love to give and make great additions to any family.

What are the benefits of senior dog adoption? Read on for some adorable tips and tricks.

1. Save a Life

When a senior dog is adopted, they receive a new lease on life with all the warm and fuzzy benefits of a loving relationship. Old dogs often appreciate companionship more due to their life experience. Having the unconditional love of a companion is a tremendous gift.

Furthermore, financially, they won’t burden you as much, as they are usually at their adult weight and do not require puppy shots or training like younger dogs do. Senior dog adoption is also an excellent way to save a life, as an old dog is statistically less likely to be adopted than a puppy.

2. They Need Less Supervision

For starters, senior dogs are usually more mellow and well-mannered. They have traditionally “aged out” of the destructive tendencies of young puppies and have been taught basic manners. Because they have settled into their personalities and no longer require potty training, they can often remain alone during the day while their owners are at work or school.

Additionally, senior dogs tend to have more stable temperaments, which benefits those just learning how to care for a pet. They require fewer walks and playtime since they tend to tire out more quickly, reducing the amount of supervision needed. 

3. They’re More Chill

Many people don’t realize that senior dogs are often calmer and more laid-back than their younger counterparts. Old dogs understand and obey basic commands quicker and aren’t driven to destructive and mischievous behaviors. 

They’re ideal companions for those who don’t have much time to devote to a pet’s exercise and playtime. Senior dogs come with the bonus of warm and fuzzy memories of the past—there’s a certain kind of connection you can have with them that’s unlike any other.

4. They’ll Never Grow Bigger

With a senior dog, you’ll never have to worry about them growing more extensive than expected. Senior dogs have finished most of their growth and can fit into a home more accessible than a puppy or young dog. 

When you adopt a senior dog, crate training might help your dog feel more at ease in his new home. For example, you may have a dog who worries during storms or when left alone. Check out this crate training older dog blog to learn more about it.

Plan for Senior Dog Adoption

Senior dog adoption is a good process that has countless benefits! The unconditional love, calming companionship, and positive energy will transform your home.

Senior dogs offer just as many snuggles, licks, and tricks as a pup, so why not give them a second chance today? Let your heart guide you, and join the mission to make an elderly pup’s dream come true!

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