5 Best Carrom Board Tips & Tricks To Ace Game Everytime

Carrom is one of the favourite games in every group to play together. This is a game that practically anybody of any age may enjoy playing well. When we start playing it online on our mobile devices, the excitement level goes up significantly. Nowadays, it’s possible for us and our friends to play carrom board games like carrom via the internet. The bottom line is that playing these online carrom games gives us the opportunity to engage in a variety of tournaments against other players from all around the world. You will be considered the champion of the competition if your skill helps you to triumph in each and every round. This page will teach you how to play carrom on your mobile device if you’re interested.

There are certain tricks that will lead you to win the game

Online Carrom Strategies

You must be aware of certain winning tactics and techniques that may easily overcome your rivals if you want to win the game. Everyone in India has played the game of carom at least sometimes, therefore it is quite well-liked there. Therefore, the level of competitiveness among players naturally rises when you participate in the main tournaments hosted by the games. However, because playing carrom board online differs from playing carrom in person, you may be able to defeat your opponents and come out on top by reading and understanding these extra recommendations. The 5 advice and techniques listed below are:

  1. Speed- In the game of carrom, speed is a crucial component. Analyzing shots will be a lot simpler if you know how to adjust your pace. The power of your attacks might sometimes decrease when you give them less speed, which is bad for you since it makes them less effective. Additionally, the striker deflects when you apply too much speed, ruining your aim. You may produce trick shots by maintaining a decent angle and moving quickly. If the striker misses the target due to speed dilation, you could be called for a foul. You must play attentively and foul-free because when you are not paying attention, you often commit fouls like missing a target, moving the striker out of bounds, or hitting the incorrect coins. Due to the foul attempts, these errors might cost you a lot of points and cause you to progressively lose the game.
  1. Comfort- How relaxed and adaptable your posture is while playing the online game will determine how well you play your shots. Your attention will waver and you’ll make a missed short if you attempt to play the game while uncomfortable. A poor posture will disrupt your focus and alter your angle of attack, which may result in a foul. Always make yourself as comfortable as you can and adjust your posture to suit yourself before playing a vital match.
  1. Winning Prizes- You must comprehend the continuing competitions and quick games in the game of online carrom if you want to win money. In line with that, you must participate. Each week, many online platforms host tournaments where you may interact with gamers from across the world. You may need to survive and win in a league structure or a knockout format. Each player will also have access to the best format, which requires winning the majority of the games. You will be proclaimed the winner of the competition and be eligible to receive incredible rewards. If you get cash money then you may also use it as a side hustle or pocket money. Also times you get game coins which will enable you to unlock new and advanced gaming equipment such as an advanced carrom board or striker. You may get a set of new inbuilt skills that will let you win more matches.
  1. Trick shots- If you want to learn how to play carrom properly, practising trick shots is helpful and enjoyable. Sometimes a trick shot may pot numerous coins, giving the player a significant advantage and making the opponent’s game difficult. Additionally, it will demoralize your rival, keeping you in control. You should only attempt these trick shots, though, if you are confident of the outcome and the requirement for the shot since failing to do so might result in a penalty. Also, the game’s breaking mechanic is crucial. You just need to use our striker to hit the coins that have been placed in the centre of the carrom board. To prevent the coins from accumulating in the corner, you must properly shatter them. If you have good breaking then you will get an advantage of winning the board because a good breaking will confuse your opponent and let him commit any mistake.
  1. Knowing the board- If you carefully examine the board, you will already be ahead and be an expert at playing carrom. Each line on the board, including the striker line and foul lines, must be understood before the start of a game. You might easily beat your opponent if you have the necessary understanding of them. Know your board’s strong and weak spots. Sometimes using these edges will give your striker a decent angle. Perfect carrom board knowledge helps you feel more confident and improves the quality and power of your shorts. Also, you must comprehend the worth of each coin. Respected coins have various values, including the red, black, and white ones. The sticker itself, as well as each kind of coin, has its own set of points and penalties. To determine the colour of the coin you wish to strike, you must play carefully. If you make one little error, you risk losing the opportunity.


Hope this article has fulfilled your need to learn how to play carrom online in India. If you have keen abilities and are educated about all the strategies, you can win the games. You could be able to maintain your side business by playing the game of carrom online. These tricks or strategies also have both advantages and disadvantages which should be analyzed depending on the situation. Carrom has always been exciting to play since it is simple and engaging.

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