5 Creative Ideas for a Costume Party

Whether you hope to celebrate Halloween or the 4th of July, it’s always fun to throw a costume party. Do you have ideas for your holiday parties? If not, here are a few ways you can throw a fun costume party that your friends and guests will speak of for years to come:

Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes can be fun, from a Tipsy Elves unicorn costume to scary costumes found at your local store. While Halloween may be a bit later in the year, it’s always best to be prepared with the perfect costume. Planning a Halloween party is easier than you’d think, as it’s one of the most common costume parties that people do. 

With plenty of places to find Halloween decorations and great ideas for snacks and drinks online, a Halloween party may be the easiest costume party you plan this year. 

Go back some decades

Whether it’s the roaring 20’s or the 80’s hairstyles, there are plenty of reasons why hosting a party from another decade is the way to go. Not only is it an easy thing for your guests to dress for, but it’s also a lot of fun to plan for. 

For example, an 80’s party, download a popping 80s playlist, get those bright colors on, and consider looking up the popular topics and world situation back then and making it a conversation piece. There are so many ways to throw a fabulous era party from any decade. 

Throw a TV series themed party

Whether you’re Dexter fans or love the Last Kingdom, throwing a party from your favorite TV series is a great way to have a fun, themed party. Even if your friends have never followed these series, it’s easy enough to find great costume ideas online. 

If you do have friends who are into the same shows, you can bet that it will make the party that much more interesting, from conversations on how the recent season went down to the costumes your friends decide to wear. 


You have to find out what side your friends are on before planning this party, whether it’s Marvel or DC. The debate on which comics are better has long been the source of controversy, but if you do happen to have a mixed group of DC vs Marvel fans, well, maybe just let everyone come together and see what happens. Either way, a superhero costume party is great fun. 

Whether you use a streaming site to stream a favorite movie (Spiderman or Batman?), hire a face painter to paint superhero-themed designs, or simply party like grownups dressed like their favorite superhero, it’s a great option for a fun party with a theme. 

Have guests as favorite book characters

If your group of friends is full of bookworms, you know what to do. Throw a party created around the theme of your favorite book characters. Take it a step further and make it a book exchange. For avid readers, what could be better than that? Hire a bartender to make amazing cocktails and plan dishes or bake cakes from your favorite books and serve a unique spread of book-themed goodies. 

In Conclusion

It’s bound to be a fun, fabulous party, whatever costumes you decide on, from Star Trek characters to DC heroes. However, make sure you start planning well in advance so that your guests have time to come up with their costumes and you have time to get all the décor, treats, and music together for whatever costume and theme you choose. After a party like this, you may never want to go back to parties without themes! 

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