5 Effective Ways to Beat the Scorching Heat this Summer

Beyond the fun in the sun and beach vibes of summer is the blistering heat that defines this season. Keep your cool in the summer with 5 hacks to make the most out of the summer season without the sweltering heat of the sun!

  1. Turn on the Aircon

An air conditioner is a true blessing when it comes to battling the heat of the summer! Use your air conditioner to cool your room as you get a good night’s sleep, or keep comfortable during the day as you work on your daily activities. Even turning the air conditioner to an optimal temperature range of 24 degrees and above can already help dissipate heat and humidity. 

Prior to the summer season, have your air conditioner properly cleaned and serviced by professional HVAC technicians to make sure that your aircon unit maintains its good condition all summer long! Our readers in Singapore can look to Luce Aircon for their homes and offices – check out their full services here:

At home, clean out the air conditioner filter at least once every 2 weeks to keep the unit running smoothly. The filter can catch all sorts of dust and debris, and with pollen season just a smidge from being over, the aircon filter most likely catches various allergens that can clog up the cooling system. Be sure to clean the filter regularly!

  1. Get moving!

You may not feel like moving at all when it’s 90 degrees out, but doing some light exercise can activate your sweat glands, causing you to cool your body temperature better. Sweating is the body’s natural way of temperature control, and cools down the body when the weather outside is too hot. Sweating is also why you feel a touch of coolness after a workout.

However, strenuous activities must be done in moderation as to not overheat your body during the summer. Get moving indoors by cleaning up the house, or do some light exercises in a shaded area. Never do anything too strenuous under the blistering sun, as heat stroke is a common issue during the summer months.

  1. Cool your sheets in the fridge

This may sound silly, but cooling your bedsheets, blankets, and pillows in the fridge for 30 minutes before you sleep can help you reach a peaceful slumber during hot summer nights. Do the same hack for a blissful nap during the day, or whenever you want a cooling blanket while you work or watch movies. 

Make sure your sheets aren’t wet, and they stay in the fridge no longer than 45 minutes. The freezer can cool your sheets in 15 minutes, but be careful not to leave your bedsheets in too long to prevent frost. 

  1. Do the 15-minute chilling hack for an ice-cold drink

Similarly, you can effectively cool down a bottled or canned beverage in just 15 minutes using an age-old internet lifehack! Wet a paper towel or a thin cloth with water just until damp but not dripping, and wrap it around your bottled beverage. Place the beverage in the freezer, and time for 15 minutes. You’ll get an ice-cold drink in no time – perfect when it’s too hot out!

Be sure not to leave your drink in the freezer too long, particularly if the beverage is in a glass container or is made with carbonation. The pressure inside the container would build up, causing the contents to expand. Freezing carbonated drinks or drinks in glass bottles may cause the container to explode. 

  1. Have fun, family bonding outdoors

Summer’s the time for some fun family bonding activities, and nothing screams summer more than water sports, backyard barbeques, and outdoor pools! However, the heat of the sun can put a damper on your plans. Grab some sunblock, a large canopy, or keep the fun going without the heat through cooling water sports!

Create a fun get-together with the whole family, and get to barbequing, or set up the annual pool and keep cool under the sun by relaxing in the pool when it’s too hot. Keep your pool under the shade of trees or a large canopy to keep the sun away, and always use sunblock when going outdoors to steer clear of sunburns!

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