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5 Innovative Smart Technologies for the Home & Garden

As a self-described tech geek, you will want to be ahead of the game when it comes to acquiring brand new technologies and pieces of equipment which are specifically designed for your home, 

With that being said, continue reading to discover five innovative smart technologies for the home and garden. 

  1. A Smart Doorbell

One home device which is becoming more and more popular as the weeks and months go by is a smart doorbell.

Essentially, the smart doorbell has a motion-sensor and when movement is detected, it automatically records. You can recall and view the footage at any time through your smartphone, tablet or any smart speaker with a screen. 

  1. Bluetooth Smart LED Lights 

You may well already be aware of the potential changes smart technology can make to your home, not least the fascinating world of Bluetooth enabled LED lighting

Controlled from your tablet or phone, LED lightbulbs can replace regular lightbulbs and can not only be set to different patterns of colors but can also be created from an uploaded photograph too. 

LED light strips can also be ‘smart’ and can be installed right around the perimeter of your television or projector screen and can change colors and tones dependent on what is on screen at that very moment. 

  1. The Mosquito System 

If you are concerned about potential break-ins, vandalism, graffiti or else have started to notice groups of teenagers and youths congregating down your street, then investing in a device from mosquitoloiteringsolutions.com is a fantastic idea.

The device emits a high-pitched buzzing sound which is geared to be constantly and consistently irritating to young people and teenagers and has been proven time and time again to disperse such groups. 

  1. A Smart Meter

Practical as well as nifty, a smart meter can be situated absolutely anywhere in your home and will give you an entirely accurate reading of how much gas and electricity you have used on that particular day, week or month. 

Great for keeping an eye on your energy bills, smart meters also eliminate the need to manually read the meter, can help you to drastically reduce your personal carbon footprint and actively encourage you to engage in altogether more healthier energy habits. 

  1. A Smart Lock

The fifth and final item of smart technology you need to be aware of and indeed, invest in sooner rather than later, is that of the smart lock. 

A smart lock is either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device which can unlock and lock doors without the need for a key, which is especially helpful when you or another member of your household misplace or forget to take your door key. 

If a friend is visiting and arrives at your home before you get back from shopping, for example, with a simple tap on your phone you can unlock the door specifically for them to enter the premises, then instantly relock and secure the house. 

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