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5 New Home Trends to Try Out This Year

Home décor is now heavily intertwined with technology. The hunt for the perfect modern home products is on, with new home trends to try out. To determine the best trends for you, you might be wondering where the line between technology and home goods resides. We aren’t sure either, but we think that the blur is a good thing! You can enjoy comfort and convenience simultaneously with these five new home trends. To see what’s in store, read on! 

1. The Perfect Mattress

Over the last six years, the ease of purchasing a new mattress has significantly increased. Companies have made it easy to order a mattress online and have it delivered in a relatively small box for you to put together from home. Other companies have prioritized eco-friendly and other safety guarantees behind their natural mattresses. 

You no longer need to go to every mattress store in town and lay on beds that many other people have already tested. In addition to convenience, new decorative trends have emerged to make mattress shopping even more extraordinary. 

For example, look into getting a copper mattress if you want something new that keeps you cool! 

2. Coffee Maker Alarm Clocks

Wouldn’t it be great if you 1.) didn’t hate your alarm clock and 2.) had coffee ready for you instantly when you woke up? Good news! You can have the best of both worlds with coffee maker alarm clocks

A lot of these come with really classy coffee cups, so you’ll feel like royalty while you wake up, and that’s a lot better than the usual groggy and grumpy, right? 

Though a luxury gadget, it is arguably more essential than those modern fireplace inserts that are dropping like flies. Give your morning a jumpstart with coffee directly from your bedside table! 

3. Remote-Operated Smart Shades

So remote-controlled shades have been around for a while, but they’ve been viewed as too modern in the past. There’s almost no reason to move anymore! With everything so tech-based, remote-operated shades look right at home, in your home! 

Get your money’s worth and enjoy raising and lowering your shades from the comfort of your multipurpose furniture. Pro tip: go with blackout shades, so you get all the light and noise-canceling perks that come with these pricey window treatment trends. 

4. Washable Area Rugs

Finally! The solution is to clean rugs without the need to rent a Rug Doctor every week. No matter how messy your kids and pets make your rugs, there is nothing that a washable area rug can’t fix! You no longer need to worry about spilled juice, pet hair, and other gross messes staining and ruining your area rugs. 

Just pop the area rug into the wash when it needs to be cleaned, and presto! It’s good as new. Many of these rugs are super lightweight but come with padding underneath to stay securely on the floor. Talk about a modern solution to an age-old problem! 

5. Smart Pet Cameras 

Have you ever wondered what your furry, four-legged friend was up to while you were at work? You can now keep an eye on your little guy using a smart pet camera. 

Connect the device for access on your smartphone, and you can keep track of your bud wherever you go. There’s even an option to say “hi” so your pet can hear you and feel soothed while you’re away. 

The Bottom Line

Today’s home trends are about blending tech with the comforts of home. Consider the options above as you renew your space with the kinds of modern home trends you’ll totally love!

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