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5 reasons Social Media Marketing is Crucial 

Social media accounts for a significant chunk of the web’s daily traffic- and it has become an essential tool for building brand awareness and customer loyalty. In fact, social media marketing is poised to increase customer acquisition by as much as 60% by 2020. Furthermore, social media contributes to overall brand awareness significantly.

If you want to stay competitive and make sure your business stands out from the crowd, then you should definitely learn more and understand how social media marketing is affecting your customers.

That’s why we’re here with a list of 5 reasons of why social media marketing is crucial- 

  1. Social media marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing: 

You cannot overstate the importance of social media marketing. It is true that you can gain wider reach with traditional marketing methods, but in today’s digital world, this isn’t always feasible. Underperforming social media means that your business is missing out on a significant segment of future customers.

“You have to invest money using social media if you want to make money from it”.

  1. Social Media provides better customer service and faster turnaround times: 

Social media allows you to establish a more seamless customer experience and it’s easy to get popular on social media. You can quickly and easily interact with customers, providing a more personalised experience. More and more consumers expect businesses to respond to their questions within hours, not days.

“If you ignore your customers today, they’ll find another company that will”.

  1. Social Media gives you priority access to your targeted audience: 

Traditional marketing methods have limitations- they are often painstakingly planned weeks or months in advance, and the message only reaches a small portion of the potential market. By contrast, social media platforms like to get more real Instagram followers from allows you to target your audience much more precisely than ever before.

“Putting out effective content on social media is not hard”.

  1. Social Media is a great way of branding: 

A good social media marketing strategy can help a brand to become more visible- and to build a stronger image. The key here is to get your message across effectively. Social media also provides an opportunity to highlight your brand’s personality and culture, giving a more personal touch that can lead to enormous benefits- “Social Media is just people, and people like people”.

Social Media marketing is a great way of boosting SEO. If you want to be found on the internet, then you need SEO. SEO involves raising your website’s ranking in search engine results pages- so that it appears higher up on the list for specific keywords and phrases. You can achieve this by building links between your site and other sites. The more backlinks you have from reputable sites, the better your SEO score. 

“Social Media Marketing can be really creative”.

  1. Social Media Marketing offers amazing opportunities for long term interaction: 

Social media gives your business the chance to create long term engagement with customers and potential clients. Your audience becomes open to receiving more information about your business- and they are far more likely to react favourably when you ask them for their feedback. Social media also allows you to find new leads, people who may not yet know about your product or service.


If you’re not using social media to its full potential, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Social media marketing has come a long way since its inception. It is now a crucial part of any franchisor’s business plan- and there’s no turning back. Social media has become an integral part of our lives. 

We use social media to interact with people who share our interests. Our friends, family and co-workers share their personal experiences on Facebook to gain more facebook Followers from The same is true for brands. Brands can now connect with their customers online and provide them with a good experience that they can feel connected with. 

But it’s not easy to build a large amount of followers on any social platform; you need some expert tips that are meant for long term success. Social Media Marketing is quite a challenge, but it can be really effective. 

You should try different things until you find the right strategy for your business. Social Media Marketing is a vital part of your everyday business as it helps to build a community, keeps your brand top of mind and drives new customer leads.

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