5 Things to Consider Before Engaging in Commercial Demolition

Have you finally decided to demolish an existing commercial structure of yours? Your reasoning for doing that could be many, you might want to renovate your place, build it anew, or even clear the site completely for some other project of yours. Whatever the reasoning might be, you need to proceed with a proper plan. To help you out on this front, from our commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne we have brought you 6 things that you need to consider before getting started with your commercial demolition work. So, go through them and secure for yourself a safe, efficient, and seamless demolition experience. 

  1. Which method best suits your project?

When it comes to commercial demolition, there are several methods that you can adopt. So, before you proceed with the work, make sure you sit with your chosen demolition contractors in Melbourne, discuss the specificities of the work with them, and come up with the method which best suits the nature of your work. You need to consider everything starting from your site’s location, the permits you have, the nature of the work like if what you need is complete or partial demolition work before deciding on the method as there is a right fit for every demolition work. 

Popular demolition techniques

  • Manual Demolition
  • Implosion Method
  • Wrecking Ball Method
  • Pusher Arm Technique
  • Thermic Lance Technique
  • Concrete Sawing Method
  • Pressure Jetting Technique
  1. Which commercial demolition contractor in Melbourne is fit for the work? 

Without the right commercial demolition contractors in Melbourne, your demolition work can never go well. So, before you proceed with the work make sure that you go through the list of all the demolition contractors in your area, do proper research about them all, and then pick the one that best suits your requirements. Some things that you should consider before choosing a demolition contractor for your work are:

  1. Do they have experience in undertaking a similar project?
  2. Is their team fully licensed and has all the necessary licenses and permits including VPA and EBA registrations.
  3. Do they have a line of customers to vouch for their skills and service? 
  4. Is the assistance that they offer holistic. 
  5. Do they offer demolition services at the best prices in the industry? 
  6. Do they take all the necessary safety precautions?
  1. What permissions do you need? 

Unless you have all the necessary permits, you cannot possibly proceed with commercial demolition in Melbourne. So, before you proceed with the work make sure that you submit applications and acquire all the necessary permission beforehand to avoid any delay. Your commercial demolition contractor will assist you with this, so make sure that you sit with them and go through all these legal requirements in the proper manner. Also, every region has its own requirements so make sure that you proceed as per the Victorian standards and regulations. And as any commercial demolition company in Melbourne will be versed in them all, their assistance could make the road a lot easier for you. 

  1. Have you terminated all the MEP lines? 

Proceeding with commercial demolition in Melbourne or any other area for that matter without terminating all your MEP lines is like inviting trouble. MEP stands for Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and any commercial space will be wrought with these lines. So, before starting with demolition work, make sure you get in touch with all your service providers and get your electricity, gas, and plumbing lines disconnected to avoid accidents of any kind. And to acquire a demolition permit from the council, disconnecting or terminating these lines depending on the nature of your work is one of the prerequisites. 

  1. What services do you need? 

When proceeding with your demolition work, you need to have a clear picture regarding what your expectations are from your demolition work so that you can pick the right demolition contractors in Melbourne for yourself and they can then proceed with a proper plan.

  1. You need to be sure if what you need is partial or complete demolition work. If you can achieve the desired results with just a partial one then investing in a complete demolition procedure would be a waste of your time and money. 
  2. You need to go through a proper inspection and find out if the commercial structure under consideration needs to undergo an asbestos abatement process. For that, you need to engage with a company that is qualified to offer asbestos inspection and removal services. 
  3. For any kind of demolition work, cleaning up the demolition waste does acquire a lot of space. So, you need to make sure this service is included in the terms of your contract to avoid inconveniences of any kind.

So, these are the 5 things that you need to consider before getting started with your commercial demolition in Melbourne. In case you need more assistance you can get in touch at Merhi Group Pty Ltd and with the help of our demolition contractors in Melbourne enroll for a safe and systematic demolition experience. 

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