5 Tools to Make Creative Tutorial Videos

Tutorials are a big part of learning these days. And text tutorials seem not to be doing it all for most creatives. Hence, the need to have video tutorials. Making video tutorials can either be a piece of cake or a pain to bear with. It all depends on which methods you use to create these videos. Using a video maker is one of the easiest ways to create tutorial videos. Yes, you may decide to create yours from scratch, on your own, but a video maker definitely lessens the burden. This is especially true for those either starting out, or those who don’t want to do the heavy lifting. So, visit this website so that you can learn how to use a video maker to your advantage. Meanwhile, here are 5 tools that are bound to help you make the best tutorial videos.

Promo Video Maker

Promo is among the top video maker tools in the digital space right now. You can get practically any template that you want from this creative tool. Then you can transform it to your own custom tutorial video. Their numerous video templates will help you save time when making your creations.

You can create tutorial videos in any format and orientation using this video maker. Later on, you can export your results to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. There are tons of additional features that you can find on this app, which will make your experience pleasurable. And the best part is that it is free. Nonetheless, there are paid packages that come with extra benefits for you.

Animoto Video Maker

Animoto is a simple drag and drop video maker that you can use to create tutorial videos. The reason this video maker is so good is because of its ingenious templates and animations. They’re so plentiful that you’d be spoilt for choice.

You can easily add photos and even video clips to the projects that you’re working on. Then you can adjust the colours, edit all parts together, and that’s it. You can have a masterpiece tutorial video within no time.

It has a free basic plan, which you can use as a starter. Thereafter, you can upgrade to the paid version that costs $33 per month. The advantage of the paid version is that you get licensed music tracks that you can add to your videos. You can also add your own watermark and remove their pre-placed watermark. If you’re a team and need more flexibility, you can opt to use the plan that accommodates up to three people for $49 per month.

Biteable Video Maker

Several big name brands use Biteable, including Disney, Google, BBC, and even Amazon. So, for a fact, you can tell that it’s the right match for you. When it comes to video templates, there are over 1.8 million options on the table for you. Thus, you won’t miss the right tutorial template for your own creation. If you want to create animated tutorials, there’s a simple toolkit that you can use. The Biteable tool has a free package, which you can leverage as a noob.


Yet another impressive tool that you can use to create tutorials is the Loom software. It is normally an ideal tool for both webinars and making tutorials. With Loom, you can record both your screen and voice. Thus, you can easily explain what you’re doing on your laptop to your audience all in real time. Thereafter, your clip will be ready to watch and share. There’s a free starter plan for Loom, then you can purchase the Business plan at $8 per month. The business plan has additional features such as the video drawing tool, and plenty of calls-to-action.


The last tool that we have on our list is InShot. It has been around for a while now, and has stood the test of time. InShot is a mobile movie maker, as well as a professional video maker and editor. The best part about it is that you can easily create and edit your videos right from the comfort of your palms. Yes, you can use your smartphone to do all the creation and editing using this tool.

When creating a tutorial using InShot, you can add your voice to the video. You can equally add free music to create some dramatic effect. Alternatively, you can make use of music that’s already present in your phone. With InShot, you also get several stickers and special effects that connect with your video seamlessly. There’s definitely something for every kind of video producer here.

Final Thoughts

In quick summary, these 5 tools will help make your tutorials attractive to the audience. They’ll be ready to listen and watch what you have to teach. Just remember that a good video maker always goes a long way in terms of creating wonderful tutorial videos. 

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