6 Important Tips for Moving to Another State

Recent statistics reveal that in the lifespan of an American, you could expect to move 11.7 times. Moving is a part of life, and so is planning a move.

However, there is a big difference between moving from one city over and moving to another state. When you have a long distance move, there is a lot more to consider during your preparation.

Not to worry, we have the top six moving tips to help you relocate to your new state the right way. Here is what you need to consider for the journey ahead.

1. Research

A long distance move is a big adventure but is also a big change to your daily life. Every state is different, with its own nuances and unique charm.

Before you move to a new state, you want a good understanding of where you are moving to. While selling a house, take a brief trip to the new city prior to planning a move, and devote time to exploring it.

Bike rides and long walks help to experience a new neighborhood and take in your future surroundings. Stop by local restaurants and try the food. This will help you acclimate to moving to a new state.

2. Find Your New Home

While there are many good moving tips, planning a move is impossible without having a home to move to. Regardless of if you plan to rent or buy, settle on a new home to dwell in before you pack up. Find a good real estate agency to help you, too.

3. Figure Out How to Move

The most expensive and most challenging part of planning a move is deciding how to move all your stuff. The better you plan, the easier it will be.

You have a few options for how to move. You can hire professionals to help you, rent your own moving truck, or use a portable container.

If you go it alone, without professionals, and you don’t plan carefully, your moving costs could go much higher than you thought they would. Here are a few considerations you should make before you decide on how to move:

  • What is your budget?
  • How much in total are you moving?
  • Are you okay driving a long distance in a large moving truck?
  • Do you have the time to load and unload at your personal leisure?
  • What is your timeframe to move?

Planning a move is a lot of work and can be a struggle in terms of the time and energy it takes. We highly recommend you click here to hire movers now.

It helps to get rid of unnecessary clutter if you can. Remember that the less you are planning to move, the lower the cost will be to move. 

4. Set Aside Money to Move

Along the same lines of budgeting, keep in mind that moving to another state is expensive. No matter how well you plan, expenses will pop up unexpectedly.

Gas prices are up. The cost to fuel the tank of any vehicle moving your items could end up higher than you expect.

Plus, you need to put your belonging in something. You don’t want to toss things together, so they break. You want to pack in a way that is nice and organized.

To do this, you’ll need boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and more. All these little things will add up faster than you expect.

Unless you plan to physically drive your car and other vehicles that your loved ones have, you may need to ship a car.

Further, moving to another state can require you to eat meals out for a bit. If you do not have a bed ready to sleep in while traveling, you might need a hotel.

Then, when you arrive at your new home in your new state, there are utility deposits and connection fees. You’ll want to sanitize everything, so you will need to purchase cleaning products. Plus, you likely need products for the house, like curtains, bathmats, new groceries, etc.

5. Change Your Vehicle Registration and Drivers License

This will be the next thing you will want to do once you get your utilities up and running. Moving to another state means that you must get a new driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Every state has unique rules on how quickly you should do this. Date ranges are typically between ten and 30 days. If you can make an appointment with the DMV ahead of time, you should, instead of waiting in a long line.

Before you arrive, make sure you know what they require, such as a birth certificate or US passport. Some states require a driving or vision test.

6. Register to Vote

When moving to another state, you want to be involved, and this includes voting for your new local government. There are 40 states that allow you to register to vote online, and so does the District of Columbia. You can register in person too, by visiting a local or state election office.

Moving to Another State

As challenging as it can be, moving to another state is an adventure well worth undertaking. Once you land in your new home sweet home, you’ll feel a great sense of happiness and relief. We hope you take these moving tips into consideration and enjoy life’s road ahead.

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