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6 Kitten Health Emergencies Cat Parents Must Not Ignore

Seeing a kitten suffering much pain can be disheartening and frightening at the same time. Sometimes kitten parents are unsure if their pet feline’s distress calls for a medical emergency or not. When pet parents aren’t clear about their fur baby’s medical condition, it is best to immediately rush to the vet or nearest pet emergency hospital.

It would help if you knew the signs pointing to a critical health crisis in your fur baby. Some conditions apart from the common illnesses and injuries may demand swift action on your part. If you have already purchased pet insurance for cats, then your furry friend’s medical care should be covered. With cat insurance, you can quickly provide your munchkin with the best medical help in town.

Being prepared with pet insurance is only half the work done. First, you must know about some of the critical kitten emergencies, so you will be in a better position to manage in the event of severe health circumstances.

1.     Breathing difficulty

You must not take any breathing issues lightly. It shows that the air passageways in the lungs are jeopardised. There can be several reasons for a kitten having breathing troubles. Contracting an infection is one of them. Pneumonia, allergic reactions, trauma, toxins, foreign bodies stuck in the trachea or throat can also be possible.

2.     Choking

If it is a small choke before breathing begins again, there is probably nothing much to worry about. However, cat parents need to know that you can’t be too sure even if the symptoms disappear within seconds because any lack of oxygen or fluid buildup in the lungs may prove fatal to your fluffy friend.

3.     Coughing

It can be a sign of bacterial/viral/fungal infection, allergic bronchitis, or pneumonia. If your kitten is often coughing, she might suffer from an upper respiratory disease. Check for additional signs like watery eyes, sneezing, or running nose. A timely examination by the vet may help your tiny pet recover soon.

4.     Bleeding

Your fur baby needs vet help asap if she’s bleeding. Prolonged blood loss may lead to a shock or threaten her life. However, if it is a minor issue like bleeding because of something like an excess nail trim, she is probably safe.

5.     Vomiting/diarrhea

Any of these or both can result from a gastrointestinal issue. The common causes are parasites in the bowels, dietary imprudence, infections, toxic accumulation, digestive problems, and many more. Mild troubles may not reflect an alarming situation, so don’t presume kitty is safe. If your young kitten experiences severe symptoms, then she may get dehydrated rapidly. Before the state of affairs worsens, you should take her to an emergency pet clinic.

6.     High temperature

If your kitten’s body temperature has risen way beyond the standard limit, then she needs vet help. It can be because of infections, heatstroke or any number of issues. Whatever the cause is, your teeny-weeny pet needs attention right away.

Whenever you detect signs of pain like agitation, aggression, pacing, restlessness, panting, etc., in your paw pal, it can be because of trauma or other medical conditions. Seek your vet’s help to understand the causes of her pain. With pet insurance for cats, your kitten’s health is covered for a range of wellness issues and accidents. Purchase pet health insurance so your kitten can avail of the best medical services at all times.

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