6 Tips for Keeping Restaurant Employees Comfortable

Working in a restaurant involves long hours, constant moving, high stress, intense heat, and sacrifice. When you put all these conditions together, you have a potential recipe for workplace accidents. Therefore, restaurant managers need to put a series of strategies in place to make their employees comfortable, which will boost productivity and keep everyone safe – continue reading to find out more. 

Designing a Safe Kitchen

The first step to creating a comfortable restaurant environment is a safe kitchen design, as the layout will play a significant role when it comes to workflow. The kitchen needs to be set up in a way that doesn’t involve large gaps between equipment, which will reduce staff movement. Additionally, your front-of-house team needs safe access without getting on top of your kitchen team.

Ventilation is Crucial

Cooking equipment and a restaurant full of people can soon turn the environment into a furnace if left unchecked, which is unsafe and detrimental to productivity. Therefore, high-quality ventilation is well worth the investment. In the kitchen, there will be a ventilation unit to draw away fumes and keep front-line employees cool. When it comes to the front-of-house, installing large hvls fans will help control airflow. 

The Correct Uniform

Restaurant teams should wear a uniform because it helps strengthen branding and makes employees stand out from guests. However, if the uniform material is too thick, it will add to discomfort and deter your team from productivity. Therefore, look for something breathable and functional.

Good Flooring Options

Restaurant workers spend a long time on their feet, which can lead to fatigue and physical pain. Therefore, installing the right flooring can make all the difference, and will help improve the safety of your business. A good restaurant surface has decent traction to prevent slips/falls and anti-fatigue surfaces, which help with blood circulation in the lower body.  

Keep Kitchens Clean

People tend to work better when their environment is kept clean, and the same goes for restaurants. Not only will your team feel more comfortable in a clean kitchen, but they’ll also be safe from unnecessary hazards. The best way to make sure your premises stay clean is to adopt a clean-as-you-go policy and put strict cleaning schedules in place. 

Buy Quality Kitchen Tools

Having quality kitchen tools doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy the most expensive hi-tech gear around. Instead, it can simply involve keeping the equipment you do have in good working order. For example, make sure knives remain sharp and machines are oiled and maintained. When your equipment works hard for your team, they’ll feel more comfortable at work, which will boost morale and productivity. 

Restaurant workers spend a lot of their time creating special moments for your guests, so the least you can do is make sure they feel more comfortable while they do it. If you consider the tips outlined above when designing your restaurant and policies, you will be off to a flying start. 

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