6 top tips for fantasy football success

The clock’s ticking down and before we know it we’ll be right in the heart of the 2022-23 NFL season. 18 amazing weeks of action topped off next February with the showcase event of the season – Super Bowl LVII.

The approach of the season also means that all those couch-based coaches out there are turning their thoughts to fantasy football and how to put together a team that will win them consistent points week in, week out. 

Sure, some of putting together a winning roster is down to luck – you can never tell who is going to under-perform or even get struck down by injury mid-season. But there are some tips that can help you build up a fantasy team with a good chance of success.

Create your own tiered draft list

Anyone who has put a fantasy team together before will know that there are countless tiered lists of players produced for their consideration. But the really smart selectors, the ones who rely on their own judgement and knowledge, will create their own tiers.

The criteria you use are 100% up to you. It could be straightforward like points scored in the previous season, yards gained and touchdowns achieved or it could be by gut feeling about who you think is really going to come into their own.

It’s best to keep it to a maximum of three tiers – and the objective will be to get as many tier one players as you can for your money before having to move down the levels.

It’s all about the quarter backs

You can put a case for the importance of all of the positions in a team. But pretty much everyone will agree with the statement that it’s the quarterback who’s going to score you the most points over the season. Going even further than that, the lowest scoring of QBs will probably still score more for you over the whole season than the best player in most other positions.

The good news is that they also tend to be some of the most consistent players so previous seasons’ scores are a good indicator of how they’ll perform for you this season.

Know your bye weeks

It’s a simple and undeniable fact that if a player’s not playing there’s no way that they’ll be winning you any points. Sometimes this is unpredictable. They might have been left on the bench by the coach or pick up an unexpected injury or illness. But what you can be certain about is the weeks when their team has a bye. This is important for player selection, especially for the previously mentioned quarterbacks.

So you should always make sure that you have back-up for when one of those weeks comes around.

Hold on for your tight end

While it’s only natural to want to secure the best players early, and there may certainly an element of FOMO if you don’t, there are some positions where you can afford to be a little more relaxed about it.

Many fantasy football veterans include the tight end in this category. Sure, it’s an important position. But not as important as some others like the QBs we keep returning to or even other running backs. So waiting until the mid-rounds of a draft will still get you a very reasonable prospect, hopefully at a very reasonable price.

Draft running backs that can catch too

Catches might not win matches, but they can certainly add significantly to your points tally. That’s why it makes sense to take a deep dive into the catching stats of the running backs to see who really does have a safe pair of hands. 

Then, you’ll not only have players who will be scoring with plenty of running yards, they’ll also be adding to this with catches. You’re also likely to find that the best catchers can be yours for much less than you will pay for other, less high-scoring alternatives.

Don’t shy away from trading a star player

When you’ve laid out a great deal of your allotted budget for one of the big stars like Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Donald it’s very understandable if you’re a little reluctant to trade them.

But no fantasy football team can be carried by just one super talent, it needs strength in depth. So there may come a time in everyone’s season when they need to consider whether one great player could be replaced by two or three others who are solid, but not spectacular.

Yes, it’s a tough call to make. But it could also be one that sees you suddenly shooting up the points table.

So there you have them, Six tips that could help to take your fantasy football up to the next level – and even get you into the prizes!

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