7 Delicious Guilt-Free Cakes To Eat

A slice of freshly baked cake feels like heaven. No denying that we cannot resist the temptation to binge eat a freshly baked cake. We all tend to go to drool over the sweet treats loaded with cream and sugar. However, some fitness enthusiasts and health freaks avoid eating these delicious cakes due to the amount of calories in such cakes. If you are also a cake lover but always have a pang of guilt after having a sweet cake, we have rounded up the list of guilt-free cakes. You can eat these cakes without worrying about gaining weight gain or calories. There is no need to drop your habit of eating healthy as now you can cherish every celebration and enjoy cakes that will keep you fit and healthy.

Grapefruit Yoghurt Cake

This particular cake is adorned with fat-free yoghurt that is plain along with fresh, exotic fruits that make it a delicious one. This cake is a wonderful choice for celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries as you can eat them without worrying about calories.

Sugar-Free Cakes

Whenever we eat a cake, the sweetness makes us go wow. However, later we all regret having a calorie-loaded cake topped with sugar. Now you can kick out those guilts by eating a sugar-free cake. Pineapple sugar-free cakes are quite trendy these days as they are made of whipped cream and have less sugar. In this way, you can satisfy your sweet cravings and cherish your moments with a cake that will not harm your health at all.

Dry Sponge Cake

Make your tea and coffee break delicious as you club your beverage with a soft, spongy dry cake. These cakes tend to have an airy texture. They are made with eggs, filling of lemon, yoghurt etc. These mouthwatering ingredients tend to enhance the moist of the cake. These cakes do not have a high amount of sugar and can be eaten by anyone.

Fresh Fruit Cake

If you are searching for a cake that looks fantastic and is loaded with all the nutrients, just go for a fresh fruit cake. It is one of the healthiest cake options that can instantly satiate your sweet craving. This cake comprises seasonal fruits such as strawberries, Kiwis, berries and much more. The vivid colours make it a treat to the eyes as well. This particular cake is definitely the best for summer parties. So, seek online cake delivery in Pune or any other city and make your celebrations extra joyful.

Chocolate Yoghurt Cake

If you are too crazy about chocolate flavour and cannot satiate your sweet cravings without chocolates, chocolate yoghurt cake is a perfectly healthy option for you. You can take almond flour as a substitute in place of white flour. However, you can also use any gluten-free flour to make your cake healthy. Avoid using oil and introduce yoghurt to bake a tasty and moist chocolate cake. This droolsome cake will be loved by everyone, and you can have it without worrying about fat or calorie.

Honey Carrot Cake

When blended with mouthwatering honey and carrot, a classy pineapple cake makes a satisfying dessert. As we all know, scrumptious carrot cake comprises all the healthy ingredients, making it a perfect dessert for health freaks. Switch to honey and avoid using white sugar. Chopped juicy pineapple slices can be used as toppings. So, soothe your intense sugar cravings with a slice of pineapple honey carrot cake. If You’re craving a carrot cake right away, you can place an order online. You can buy Bakingo cakes online and satiate sweet cravings instantly.

Whole Wheat Cake

No denying, a healthy cake is surely a blessing for all the health freaks out there. Try your hands at a whole wheat dry cake made with jaggery. One of the best ways to make your cakes healthy is to switch white sugar with something natural like honey or jaggery. You can add eggs to enhance the fluffiness of your whole wheat dry cake and add lots of dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts and much more. Don’t miss this scrumptious dessert and surprise your loved ones with this particular one.

So, you can try these healthy cakes instead of the regular calorie-loaded ones. Celebrations and occasions will be more cheerful with the scrumptious cakes.

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