7 Important Points to Keep in Mind to Avoid Errors While Streaming on Your Mobile Device

The era of conventional satellite and cable TV subscriptions is far from over. Keeping up with the times, they have been replaced by streaming services. A more effective solution. Now you no longer have to wait for an entire week for the next episode. It’s all about binge-watching these days. 

However, even if you become an expert in binge-watching, you can always run into trouble that may interrupt your binge-watch session. If you’d like to avoid wasting time in troubleshooting, read this guide to fix errors while streaming for a quick way out. 

So, let’s address how you can avoid errors while streaming:

  1. Use the streaming app

Instead of using a browser to stream the video, we suggest you go for using the streaming site’s own app. You’ll be making your life easier by using an app as it’s much less of a hassle as compared to a browser. A browser at times can interrupt your streaming experience by sending notifications or throwing ads your way. 

However, if you use a streaming app, you’ll get to access your favorite shows in a fast and easy way. The app will be more adaptive in providing you with suggestions of what to watch next. A selection of choices will be more appealing on your mobile phone as compared to any other device. 

Just make sure to download the app from legit and verified sources like Google Play Store or App Store instead of third-party sources. 

  1. High-speed internet connectivity

For your streaming experience to be smooth, a high-speed internet connection is an absolute must. You cannot compromise on the speed. Because the moment it falters, that pang of annoyance you feel can completely change your mood in an instant whether you’d like to continue watching or not. 

Thus, you have to avoid a slow-speed internet connection at all costs. Unless you are binge-watch game is weak and you’re just bound to give up at any chance you get. That’s why ensure your internet connection is good to go before starting any show. 

  1. Stream on your Smart TV

If you have an Android phone, you can enhance your streaming experience by casting the show on your Smart TV. Instead of watching on a tiny mobile phone, you can watch it on a big screen and get to enjoy every moment. 

Follow the steps given below to cast from your Android phone:

  • Ensure your Smart TV and Android are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the streaming app and find the option to cast.
  • Enable the cast option from your device.
  • Accept the connection to cast on your Smart TV and viola! 
  1. Avoid dubious websites

Streaming sites have become so popular these days that hackers have been coming up with decoys just to get you to click on them and infect your device. Of course, the results aren’t pleasant in the least. You could end up downloading malware on your phone and possibly have to bid farewell to your personal data.

Such harmful malware is capable of automatically downloading itself on your device, intercepting your data, and even stealing it. Ransomware attacks have been on a rise because of streaming sites. That’s why only stick to the legitimate website for streaming on your phone.

  1. Use a VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network is one of the best ways to keep your device safe from external threats, specifically when you’re using a streaming service. Through a VPN, you can conveniently mask your IP address and disappear into a throng of users, hence, your anonymity will keep you safe at all times. 

For example, if you’re from Canada and would like to access the Netflix US content, simply change your region using a VPN and watch Netflix US while residing in Canada. 

  1. Attending a live streaming event

If you’re planning on attending a live streaming event, ensure you’re using an authentic website. The event’s likely being held by an official channel hence, we strictly advise you to use the link/platform that’s shared by them. If you end up visiting a fake website, you have no idea what sort of threats you’d be inviting your way.

Official social media channels have a blue or black tick right next to their username, so that’s an easy way to verify you’re on the right page.

  1. Use Android OS v5 or latest

Given you’re streaming on your phone, unless your Android version is of the latest, you’re likely to face buffering or lagging issues. So, you have to ensure your Android OS is updated otherwise your streaming experience can be affected severely. 

If your Android is not updated, there’s a higher risk of exposing your device to malware and ransomware. That’s why avoid ruining your binge-watching by keeping your Android OS up-to-date.

That’s all, folks! Hopefully, you have a full grasp of the do’s and don’ts if you’re planning on using your Android device to stream shows. By following this guide, we’re sure you’ll have a pleasant streaming experience. So grab the popcorn and your phone to get started!

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