A Complete Guide to Testing Your Home for Radon and Living a Healthy Life

You never know when you are getting exposed to Radon gas, which is naturally radioactive and may present in your home all the time. This gas comes second when it comes to assessing the major causes of lung cancer after smoking. The experts suggest getting your home tested for the presence of radon gas so that preventive measures can be taken well on time. If you are looking for radon treatment in New Jersey, you should first get the home tested with the help of simple kits available in the marketplace.

Radon testing kits for houses

To get your home tested for radon, you can buy the kit from online shops, hardware stores, and home centers. These kits are available for the short-term and long-term. The short-term kit can be installed in your home for about a day or two. It will check the levels of radon in the interiors of your home and the sample will be sent to the lab for further investigation.

If the levels are higher than the standards, you can choose to install the long-term kit to test the levels of radon for a long time. The time duration can be from 90 days to one year.  This type of testing can give an accurate report of radon levels in your home and its interiors. This testing can be performed by the companies or home kit. 

How to reduce radon levels in the home

It is important to take preventive measures or necessary actions if the levels of radon are found higher. The radon gas can be eliminated easily because of the radioactive decay. However, it is vital to spend time, money, and effort to get this system installed. You don’t need to panic but get in touch with a radon mitigation company or a licensed contractor who can visit your place and assess the place where it can be installed.

The expert also suggests that if you don’t spend much time in the basement, you don’t need to get this system because this is where the probability of finding the gas is higher. This removal system can vent out the gas from your house immediately by approximately 99%.

By getting these systems in your house, you will be increasing the value of your house. The buyers and real estate companies prefer homes with radon mitigation systems to stay safe and healthy for a long time.

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