A Guide to Text to Speech


Text to Speech, also called TTS, is an AI assistive technology used for converting text to speech. It helps to develop immersive applications. This technology was not widely used back in the day, nor was it as efficient as today; however, as time passed and scenarios changed, modern computers today can easily handle text conversion into voice output. 

Note that its potential can be enhanced when combined with other devices. You can tailor the speech output as per your needs to meet the expectations best. Since this technology can quickly generate speech in 20+ languages, it helps to eliminate the need to read large quantities of text regularly. 

What is Text to Speech? 

This technology is often called the “Read Aloud” technology. Artificial intelligence, or AI, combines complex algorithms designed to mimic human intelligence. AI is a human-made technology that allows machines to read, learn, and understand data to assist in decision-making. 

TTS can work on almost all platforms. Starting from laptops to mobile phones, it works well on all. Also, you can choose to customise or create new, unique voices apart from the saved voice recordings. Besides this, you can also get access to facial position information and facial pose events for animating virtual faces. 

Advantages of Text to Speech 

Today, customer experience has become the priority of all businesses. Regardless of the cost or technology involved, businesses work to offer smooth functioning to meet users’ growing demands. In all, it can be said that Text to Speech software with AI voices is a great technology which can do wonders! Text to Speech voices are available in male & female voice with over more than 20+ languages. Here is the complete list of benefits of Text to Speech —

Improved customer reach 

People with difficulty in reading or watching can have access to your content. It opens doors for a broader range of audiences to access digital content effectively. 

Easy accessibility 

Since the content will be in the speech format, it makes the process easy and accessible. However, in the case of reading format, it becomes nearly impossible for people with language-related disabilities to understand. 

Improved learning 

Since children and adults gravitate toward visuals and audio clips rather than reading text, listening helps retain information without brainstorming. This directly or indirectly impacts the overall thinking ability of a child. 

Easy IoT integration 

IoT, or the internet of things, has evolved as a pioneer in world technologies. When IoT combines with text to speech voice technology, a better and improved user experience is attained. As a result, IoT-enabled tools and technologies seamlessly interact with users worldwide.

How does Text to Speech work? 

There are tons of devices on which TTS operates effectively. Be it smartphones to computers; it works on almost all personal devices. In TTS, you can easily manipulate the speed and tone. Also, per your preference, you can change the voice quality. Several TTS tools, such as Murf, easily highlight a particular word by speaking it aloud. This helps you or your kid to draw maximum attention. 

Why Choose Murf? 

Offering 20 languages, Murf is a realistic software Providing professional voice-overs for your presentations and videos. Today, it is impossible to tell whether it is an AI or a recorded human voice. 

Murf comprises a Text to Speech tool and a Voice Changer with Effects

What Does it offer?  

Adding voices to images or videos 

This software allows you to add your favourite voice to any video or image. Add the text and convert it into an audio voice file in a minute. You can also align the text and voice per your choice!  

Offering free background music 

There is a built-in music library curated for the user. You can access royalty-free music tracks and incorporate your preferred music into any video or image. It makes it more engaging and fun! 

How to Use? 

Using this software is not only easy but practical at the same time! The interface is creative yet simple. Here are six simple steps to make an AI Voice Changer Online in minutes.  

  • Pick a voice of your choice.
  • Enter the entire voiceover script.
  • Perform testing to eliminate errors.
  • Make necessary edits.
  • Click on download and share.

From explainer videos to product videos, use the text to speech AI technology in every case possible. Hence, it is the most powerful and easily accessible voice studio tool. Get started today! 

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