A Need for Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate lawyer specializes in drafting trusts, wills, and other legal documents that define the rights of family members and other individuals on the assets after the person dies or is unable to care for himself or herself. They are also experts in several other tasks such as planning the succession of a family business. When you are in sound body and mind, it is suggested to contact a Madison, MS estate lawyer so that you can create the legal documents such as will beforehand. It will save your family from conflicts and disputes. Some of the common situations that need you to hire an attorney are elaborated below:

Real estate-related issues 

You need to contact an estate lawyer if you have an asset out of the state and you want to transfer it to someone else. Every state has different tax codes and laws. An attorney is familiar with these laws and regulations and guides you better. Likewise, if you have a property in some other country and you want to transfer it to someone who is not a citizen of that country, you will have to contact a lawyer. The situation may get quite tricky.

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Dividing the property amongst your stepchildren 

If you have a joint property with your spouse and want to give its share to your stepchildren or half-sibling, you will need to hire an attorney because such situations are complex and need a legal expert who can guide you properly. If you don’t mention anything, these family members will not receive any share in the property.

Appointing a guardian

If you have someone in your family, who is incapacitated, you will need to appoint a guardian, which is again a serious matter. This is because, he will need to take the important decision on the incapacitated person such as finances, healthcare, and end-of-life decisions. An attorney is a person that can simplify these legal matters by explaining the rights of a guardian in a proper manner.

Medicare payments

An estate lawyer is required if you need someone to receive the Medicare payments. In this case, you will need to appoint a guardian who will take the important decisions such as medical treatment and payments of medical bills.

An estate-planning lawyer will understand your needs and create robust plans that fit well in these requirements. You won’t need to worry about looking after your assets, real estate, and finances. 

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