Age Verification Solution for Confirming User’s Eligibility

A combination of convenience and mobility is what every person wishes to have in his/her life. With the involvement of smart online services and post covid and lockdown, people are more used to availing online services and shop products from their devices. With smartphones and multiple social accounts, children are also getting educated and used to this habit. 

However, along with parents, it is the responsibility of businesses to verify age of a prospect before supplementing him with products. AI-powered age verification solution performs online age checks seamlessly to confirm the ID and eligibility of a person in no time for onboarding. Children being unaware of financial violations and tactics become an easy target of scammers, turning their parent’s ID and payment details to imposters in manipulation. In 2017, almost a million minors provided such details to fraudsters.

Working of Age Verification Solution

The online confirmation of customers or users is ultrafast and reliable, and takes a few seconds for people to pass age-gate.

  1. The age verification solution validates the uploaded charters of the ID of the person and confirms them from regulatory online information banks 
  1. AI-powered authentication program with integrated OCR engine scans the certificates in optical screening and takes out the birth date of the person, confirms it, and highlights put-on elements or data if there is any
  1. The age verification solution analyzes the identity deed in mere few seconds and showcases the recorded output to both users and verifying enterprise

Biometric Authentication in Age Verification Solution

In the online KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, to get age verified, an AI-powered solution conducts digital biometric screening to inspect the latest selfie transferred to the verifying party and authenticates its physical state with a strong binding network of AI models in age verification solution. The digital scanning of the user’s picture calculates the facial depth, validates the liveliness of the picture or video by observing patterns in changes of expressions and any unusual move or area is identified immediately, so spoofing or use of a 3D mask can’t just bypass the automated age verification solution.

Age Confirmation in the UK

In Nov,21, the ICO held an investigation on a bunch of organizations consisting of names like Apple and Google, where the authority inspected the standards of setting an age-gate, its qualifying criteria, and relevant measures for age verification online by the concerned businesses. The cases of minor abuse and manipulation on online platforms are not getting under control therefore a functional age verification solution is a compulsion to avoid such regulatory confrontations.

Age Confirmation in Australia 

The Australian government has been looking at the broadcasting sector for quite some time now for the protection of minors from rated content but now with social media and all, advertisements of age-restricted games and products are making children curious. According to research, despite the ban on tobacco and cigarette brand ads on television and public marketing, in the US, 79% of teenagers were introduced to it by social media ads, this surely affects the efforts of government and parents so the regime suggested a proposal of social platforms using age verification solution to restrict minor access that led to a quite debate all over.

Promising Features of Age Verification Solution 

Chargeback Claims

The face recognition technology in an online age verification solution is used consistently for authenticating the identity of a customer prior to making any order or buying a product to avoid false chargebacks later. The system validates the customer by analyzing the facial characteristics and post age and ID confirmation, the person is allowed to make a purchase. Due to the accuracy of the age verification solution, there is not any chance of a minor or imposter passing the security gate, so any false or fraudulent chargeback claimed by the customer gets avoided, thus preventing the financial loss of a business.

No Account Takeover 

Earlier, minors used to make purchases with card details of their parents which was the main reason for false chargebacks. The age verification solution provides ongoing monitoring of the customer’s account so any minor or a fraudster despite the sensitive information cannot be granted access to it. 


The digital age verification solution in age-filtered industries and businesses whether it is alcohol, gaming and gambling platforms, medicine, and so on maintains a standard age gate and customers falling in the bracket get quick services by the AI-powered working of the program. The system maintains compliance with regulatory laws and protects the legacy of a business from imposters and protects innocent minors from online abuse and manipulation at every step. The online age verification solution acts as a defending shield between teenagers and age-restricted businesses.

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