All-Round Reviews of Honda City: Cool Features and Entertainments

Honda is multinational automobile manufacturer that has been working for a better driving for decades. However, Honda launched a car in 1996, Honda City, which became favorite of everyone and still people buy with the same even more zest and zeal.

Honda City holds a long history with Honda as its first generation came out in 1996 when it roared the market, and stood against its competitors.

Anyhow, time passed, and now there is an introduction of Honda City fifth generation. There have been updating of new features that would enhance its preference. 



There is a 1.5-litre SOHC 4-cylinder engine form that owns a power of 1,497 cc having 16 valves. This beast owns the technology of DICT+VTEC+DBW. The engine of Honda City produces a very strong power that is capable of 120 PS at 6,600 rpm. It produces the peak torque of 145 Nm at 4,600 rpm.

Engine of this car still remains the old one as it is enough to produce the fierce power required to compete well. The engine used in Honda City is SOHC i-VTEC and it is especially known for its fierce power. This is 1.5-litre engine that imparts the car with a very high power. 


There have been changes in many sectors which mostly intends on exterior sector. You could see it by looking at the new design that enhances its beauty among the competitors. Not only that, design of the car is really dynamic on each side which draws the attention of drivers. 


Not only that, this car supports a very high safety for the drivers as it focuses on braking system. This is the latest braking system most brands are using. The Honda City used ABS technology which is embedded with EBD. This technology is much powerful to provide the drivers with extra and on the spot safety.


Well, talking about exterior of Honda City, the design and appearance of car is aggressive which gives it a sportier look. This car is perfect for sport cars lovers. Everything they need is in this car, and importantly this car gives the look they need. A very violent appearance enhances its dignity.


Length of this car is 4,422 mm, and width is 1,694 m. When it comes to height of this car, it is 1,477 mm. The wheelbase of this car is 2,600 mm which is imparted with a rear and front footprint of 1,481 and 1,492.


Tire size of the Honda City is 175/65 R15 which will be wrapping the blend wheels of 15” X 5 1/2J style.

Honda City comes with a latest LED technology that completes all the tactics of today’s requirements of a car, and much more. Honda City comes with a headlamp that is embedded with full LED technology. 

LED Technology

Additionally, there is a fog light in this car. DLR (Daytime Running Light) is equipped in this car for lighting while driving at night. All models have LED Tail lamps. Also, there is a LED high base halt lamp. There is modern LED technology used in this car. This all increases the beauty of this car. 

Other Features


There are many entertainment features in this car the drivers and passengers. It is a very spacious car which gives fully a sporty look. There are numerous features that become automatically and this is what pampers its users. 

Dynamic Look

There is a very dynamic look for this car as compared to its previous generations. There is a latest rear bumper which is more muted. You see the beauty as this car is no less sporty for drivers. 

Spacious Interior

There are 2 rows of seats that give space to 5 passengers. They could sit with a great comfort. The material used is much pretty, and reliable. There is a use of fabric on the seats. 


The dashboard design is quite beautiful, and attractive. There is a use of metal garnish color which makes look stylish and elegant even more. There is a floating screen of 8-inch that provides with a bigger display. It is equipped with the latest technology. 

This supports the both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There are FM/AM radio, MP3/WMA Player, DVD/CD Player, AUX Input, USB Port and HDMI Port installed in this car. There is a strong connectivity of Bluetooth connection.


Honda City owns a sporty look that increases its beauty. This car is very popular among its competitors. This car is focusing on everything, and there is the latest technology used in this car which increases its demand. It supports all media types, and a strong connection. There is use of ABS with EBD which ensures its beauty.

This all ensures the entry of this car into the future, and will bring a tough time for its competitors.

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