All you need to know about Proxy Servers and How they Work

The Internet is such a cool place that people just want to be there. Some love being on social media platforms while others are busy doing online shopping and browsing through their favorite websites. What people usually do not consider is that there are some bad people on the internet as well.

While you are not having any trouble, you can have a very bad time if you are under attack from those bad people. The real issue here is when your data or personal information gets leaked as your private life can be at a risk. Other than that, there could be some financial issues as well if you become a victim of some hacking attempt.

While there is nothing much that you can do about that or stop using the internet, there is one way to be safer and that is by using proxy servers. So, here we will be discussing what proxy servers are and how proxy servers work.

What are Proxy Servers?

When you are connected to the internet like usual there are no special security layers between you and the internet. On the other hand, when you use a proxy server, it works as an intermediate platform between you and the internet.

It is a physical machine with real geolocation and a real IP address and to the internet, it is your IP address because you are connected to the internet with the help of the proxy server. In this way, your real identity, location, IP address, and all the important things go hidden from the internet to an extensive extent.

As all of the network traffic to and from your computer is going through this proxy server, there is an added layer of security and privacy with several other benefits.

How do Proxy Servers work?

The working of a proxy server is not that difficult to understand. When you are using a computer with the internet you need to have a unique IP address. The concept here is simple to your street address, everyone has a unique one and anyone can approach you when they know your address.

Here the proxy server plays an important part as it works as a mask or a shield to your real address. Consider that you are living in house 1 that is internally connected to house 2. Whenever you are getting mail, it goes to house 2. So, you easily get it from there while everyone else believes that you are living there while you aren’t.

The same is the concept with Proxy servers as it changes your real IP address for the internet to hide your identity. Well, the functionalities of a proxy server are way beyond that as they provide better data encryption as well as privacy and security.

As the data is sent to your computer and from your computer as well, you must know about the forward proxy as well as the reverse proxy.

Forward Proxies

This is the proxy server that is present between the client and the external network, and it works by evaluating the outbound requests. In this way, anything that you do not want to go out never goes out because the external network has to request for the resource. Most of the proxies available are forward proxies like the VPNs and web content filters.

Reverse Proxies

The working of reverse proxies is pretty different. It is present between several internal resources and the external network. An example here is of a website that can have several servers and can serve many requests from one domain.

To make things efficient load balancer technique is used which leads the traffic to the servers where it should go. In this case, traffic is routed to individual servers. There are not many reverse proxies available, but some examples include Squid and Varnish. On the other hand,

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Final Verdict:

Proxy servers can work well for different types of needs. You can use them for your custom needs to manage different IP addresses and to manage different things online. They can help you to manage your businesses and automate them in a good way. The above guide will help you understand their basic meanings.

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