Apple Watch Series 6 – the revolutionary smartwatch

We are living in an era where smart gadgets have become the latest trend. Similarly, our usual wristwatches have undergone a huge transformation and are no longer the same as they were a few years back. Our wristwatches have now become smartwatches and have taken over the market for a long time. Smartwatches have so many features like – they help you in getting a call or a text on your wrist, work as a fitness tracker for your health, a safe digital wallet, and if your phone is nowhere nearby, your smartwatch can even become your phone. 

Smartwatches are mainly known for their excellent fitness tracking technology where they detect your heart rate and alarm you if it has been elevated. Smartwatches are just not named smart, they are smart devices as they can connect you to the emergency services automatically if you fall or collapse while working out or due to any other reason. 

The whole market is filled with so many brands of smartwatches. Looking at the need of the hour, several companies and brands have come up with smartwatches. Big and known companies like Noise, Apple, Samsung, Fastrack, boAt, and so many other companies are launching a series of smartwatches with different features and unique qualities to keep up with the market. These smartwatches connect or pair with your smartphone and can make your work easier. 

Recently, in September 2020, Apple released its smartwatch called the Apple Smartwatch Series 6. Since then, this smartwatch has been creating a buzz in the market and packed with so many features and advanced technology, that one would automatically start feeling luxurious after wearing it. 

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In this article, you will find a detailed review of this excellent watch that has come into the market and why you should give it a try. 


When it comes to the design of the Apple Watch Series 6, this smartwatch looks a bit identical to the Series 5 smartwatch by Apple. The watch has a black ceramic and crystal back that has multiple sensors to monitor the heart rate, blood oxygen, and ECG. 4 LED photodiodes to help in tracking the health features. 

Always-on display 

Like all the other Apple Watches, Series 6 also has an OLED display that enables the Always-on Display Retina that keeps the time and other information to be continuously visible with the display not going black when the watch is no longer being used. With the Always-on display, you do not have to raise your wrist to check the time or your workout metrics. The display of the watch just dims that the usual to preserve the battery of the smartwatch. 

Water Resistance 

Apple Watch Series 6 are designed for immersion in water for up to 50 meters. The best feature of this smartwatch is that the speaker that is present in the watch and is not water-resistant, is designed in such a manner that it expels water from itself through sound vibrations after use. 

Apple Watch can be used while swimming but is only suited for shallow-water activities and not for diving, showering, or waterskiing. 

Health Tracking features 

There are a lot of health tracking features that are offered by the Apple Watch Series 6. The smartwatch can detect your low and high heart rate and monitor all the health-related problems and alarm you by sending a notification. 

It can monitor your blood oxygen, ECGs, track your sleep, and check your heart rate. All of these will be visible on your watch as well as on your iPhone. 

Battery life 

According to Apple, this smartwatch offers an 18-hour battery life on one charge. The Apple Watch Series 6 charges faster than all the other smartwatches by Apple. It reaches up to 80 percent charge within half an hour and 100 percent charge within 1 hour. The battery life of this smartwatch is optimized for outdoor workouts where you would use all the health tracking features. 


Apple Watch Series 6 is a revolutionary smartwatch packed with so many features that you cannot count on your fingers. Though there are many features similar to that of Series 5 by Apple, there are many other features mainly crafted for this smartwatch. It is a brilliant smartwatch choice and if you are an Apple user and a big fan of this brand, this will suit you the best. 

After reading the features of this smartwatch, if you wish to purchase this product, check it out on Amazon and use the Amazon Rs.100 coupon code to get a discount on your purchase. 

So, what are you waiting for? You read the review – go ahead and buy Apple Watch Series 6. It is worth every penny! 

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