Are you buying your coffee online or offline?

As we all know, coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and when you want to shop, whether you wish to choose coffee beans, coffee capsules, or ground coffee, you can confidently turn your attention to ordering online.

You probably wonder why it is better to choose coffee online and not from supermarkets and retail stores, given that you have such stores in the locality.

When you order online, you will save time when ordering. Of course, because the coffee supplier has a website, you can place an order whenever you want, even if it’s 2 am. Even if your order is not set until the next day, you will save time. When you order online, you will save time with delivery. Usually, if you buy coffee online, you will not have to get the coffee yourself, but it will be delivered directly to your door.

There are many benefits to buying coffee for mail orders instead of buying it at the nearest supermarket. For starters, this is a great way to buy coffee as well as a way to order such a fresh coffee, which will be delivered to you in a few days, if not a few hours after roasting. For example, Cafendo is a great place where you can get coffee online. It’s a virtual directory for all coffee lovers, designed to include the best quality coffee brands you can imagine. Our commitment is to provide the widest selection of coffee for every coffee consumption in one place, offering premium and specialty coffees at special prices. In the Cafendo catalog you will find coffee beans and ground coffee, capsules, espresso machines and many accessories to make coffee a pleasure.

The coffee must be fresh. 99% of consumers believe that because coffee is stored in a sealed package, it is the same in harness when opened as when packaged. Unfortunately, this is not true. The coffee online stores always sell fresh, so it is the highest quality.

As for the coffee you find in supermarkets will usually be kept on the shelf if it is not sold quickly until the expiration date. True coffee lovers know that you should use specialty coffee within 60 days of roasting and the worst 90 days. When the coffee has been in an offline store for more than 90 days, its quality decreases.

Another reason it is advisable to buy coffee online is that such a store offers you the opportunity to choose your coffee from the best producers on the market. An online coffee sales store has high-quality coffee in stock.

Online vs. Offline

Let’s compare online stores to high-end grocery stores for a moment. Both places sell fresh beans, but which one should you buy from? Well, it all depends on your lifestyle and preferences, so let’s see the differences to decide which is better for you.


Some grocery stores have large coffee aisles with lots of roasters, but few of these bags of beans are freshly roasted. Lots of options are not always a good choice.

Even in freshness-focused stores, you have to accept their stock. If you don’t have your favorite bean, you can try a new one (like it or not). When you buy coffee online, you usually have access to all that is available.

Of course, coffee comes in and out several times a year, so even a roaster’s online store won’t always be entire. With that being said, the best place to check out the full range of seasonal coffees is still a roaster’s online store.

Flavor & Freshness

As for the general grocery store, we’ve determined that they often completely ignore coffee freshness, which means buying online is 100% guaranteed to taste better.

But what about supermarkets that have organized and consciously put fresh beans on the shelves? Well, the answer is not very clear right now.

Premium supermarkets stock fresh coffee, but it’s not always super fresh. When a bag of coffee hits the shelves, it may not have been roasted in 10 days. If you buy beans within 2-3 weeks of roasting, you’ll still get great coffee, but this may mean a shorter “peak freshness window” because the beans are a bit older.

Coffee purchased online is usually roasted and shipped within 48 hours (at least we do). This means you’ll receive your beans as little as 3-4 days after roasting, giving you a slightly longer “peak freshness window”. These extra fresh beans stay in their best condition for a few days than store-bought beans.

If you have a great grocery store near you, you can undoubtedly find some fresh beans there – but buying online will usually give you a few extra days of freshness and flavor.


Everyone’s concept of comfort is slightly different, so it’s not very clear either.

Like to buy coffee along with other groceries? If you go to the store a lot, you may find it more convenient to buy beans there rather than wait a few days to order online.

Do you want home delivery, so you don’t have to go to the store as often? Especially if you’re a busy person, you might prefer to mail something, so you don’t have to go to the store as often.

If you are a frequent visitor to the supermarket, buying online may not be convenient. But if you like having things mailed to you because it shortens your physical shopping list, buying online is another small burden.

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