Best Underrated Streaming Platforms that are Worth Checking Out

While living in the modern world, you must have basic knowledge about streaming platforms that has people drooling over them. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and Prime Video are a few of the globally known platforms that everyone knows about. Anyone who loves watching entertainment content without waiting for the cable channel to air it knows how tantalizing it is. It is also a bit heavy on the wallet when you pay for streaming platforms everyone. 

But some really good streaming platforms may not cost you much. You can stream all you want with the same quality on underrated sites that you get with bigger streaming platforms. They are also wallet and device friendly. So you don’t have to shop for a bigger device for a new streaming platform.

Streaming Platforms that are low-key Worth it.

Are you excited to hear about them? Then, please don’t go anywhere; we’ve got sufficient information for you.


The quality of this platform will practically make you ‘shudder’ because you’ll question yourself about not finding out about it sooner. This American OTT platform has all you can get for horror fans. If you want a thriller, suspense, mystery, dark drama, horror, gory, or supernatural… this is perfect.

The price is as low as 6 bucks a month, so cool, right? Not yet. This platform also offers original movies and shows exclusive to Shudder. So if you only watch horror and supernatural or crime shows, Shudder is perfect for you.


Do you know about NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Comcast? Yeah, they have released their streaming platform, which is super underrated. With a free tier subscription, Peacock has top-rated shows like Dr. Death and Girls 5eva.

Though still young in the streaming industry, Peacock has gained more than 54 million users. This is mainly because of their free tier subscription, but if you subscribe to their affordable paid plans, you can unlock their exclusive blockbusters and shows that keep you entertained for hours.

Disney+ Hotstar

This is like heaven for Disney+ fans in India. As it is an Indian brand of subscription owned by Disney, Hotstar has almost all the content and exclusives you wish to stream. Even the best Indian content is available on Hotstar. We all know Bollywood is kicking well in the entertainment industry; we might as well check the hype.

They also have a free subscription to watch on the go. So, for example, if you’re tuning in to watch an India-famous cricket match but are in the USA, they have it available for you. You can also catch free content on Hotstar in USA; you must bypass the geo-restriction. But you might miss out on major trendy shows if you don’t subscribe to paid plans — as they are super affordable.


Have you heard about The Handmaid’s Tale? You can watch it on Crave. As easy as it is to sign up, it is easier to manage your favorite content. Due to some broadcasting laws in Canada, movie streamers found it hard to watch with the streaming platforms’ respective libraries.

Crave came in and picked up the broken hearts of cord-cutters to make it whole again. For those in Canada, it was now easier because they could continue streaming like nothing was wrong in the first place. Though the price may be a bit higher, Crave is one of the underrated platforms worth checking out.

Curiosity Stream

As the name suggests, this is a great yet affordable platform for curious people. Documentaries of all kinds, docudramas, tutorials, lifestyle shows, and reality shows are easily available on Curiosity Stream for a small price.

Moreover, your subscription is complimentary if your internet service provider is approved or associated with Curiosity Stream! Such a cool feature, right?

Sling TV

Coming to give tough competition to on-demand and cable streaming platforms, Sling TV is arguably one of the best ones out there. It has two parts, one for sports lovers and one for traditional TV channels.

Sling TV offers much more than any streaming platform. As the name goes, it is a TV for cord-cutters. It hosts up to 47 channels like Food Network, BBC America, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and way more.

Wrap Up

The best Underrated streaming platforms still are far from being wrapped up. As the demand increases, we shall have more platforms to stream our favorite shows. Whether it is horror, sci-fi, documentary, news, sports, or blockbusters, our streaming must never stop!

Which one of these platforms do you see yourself subscribing to? Please let us learn in the comments unit below, as feedback is always appreciated!

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