Boost Your Internet Speed With These 7 Tricks

Boost Your Internet Speed With These 7 TricksAre you having trouble with your internet speed?Do you feel unlimited buffering whenever you watch a video on YouTube?Is your movie taking too long to download from the pirate bay?

It proves you have an issue with your internet and it’s time you address it.

People face internet speed reduction for many reasons. Sometimes their data pack ends so the ISP slows down the speed and sometimes the ISP does not provide a good enough service, which causes this problem.

But, what are you going to do about these?

We’ll tell you what.

You are going to get it fixed and we have devised some tricks for you that will hopefully do the job.

So, without further ado, let’s begin:
1: The Router Needs A Break!Every month or so, reset your router to give it a rest and renew your internet connection.

If you’re having trouble with your internet speed, you might want to try resetting your router every day.

If your modem isn’t connected to your router, you’ll need to reset that as well.

You may connect your modem and router to a timer, which will automatically switch the system on and off.
2: A Streamlined Browser Can HelpIf you’re anything like us, you have hundreds of tabs and windows active on your browser at any given time.

However, all of that open media might slow down your internet connection, which is why we recommend using a backup browser such as Opera.

Opera compresses all of the data on web pages to make browsing more efficient.

We don’t advocate using Opera on a regular basis, but if you need to search something up urgently and your Wi-Fi connection is really bad, you may switch to Opera for better convenience.
3: Check Your Data PackOne of the most common causes of sluggish internet speed is data limitations.

Your ISP may not inform you anything about it, but you will notice the difference soon enough.

So, when you finish your daily quota or monthly data limit, your ISP will slow down the internet speed without informing you. You should check your bill if you’re unsure whether your data package has ended or not.

If you continue going over your monthly data limit, talk to your provider about upgrading to a plan with a greater data limit.
4: Install Virus ScannersIt should go without saying that any viruses or malware on your PC will hamper your browsing pace.

Set your antivirus software to scan for viruses and malware automatically on a regular basis once you’ve installed it.

You may not always remember the same browsing practices and once in a while, you make the mistake of browsing unsafe sites, which may send malware threats to your PC.

The virus scanner will help you detect those uninvited guests and resume your usual internet speed in no time.
5: Install A Cache Clear PluginBrowsers acquire little amounts of information about you while you visit websites and enter information, frequently in the form of cookies.

Marketers utilize your information to target you with relevant advertising for products you might be interested in depending on your browsing habits.

You’re probably familiar with this notion if you’ve ever had the same ad follow you throughout the internet.

You’ll need to clear your browser’s ‘cache’ to get rid of all those cookies and trackers. You can do it manually, but it’s faster to use a plugin called Clear Cache for Chrome, which allows you to do it in a single click.
6: Block Unnecessary AdsThere are infinite advertising, photos, GIFs, and auto-played movies everywhere you go online.

You may not mind seeing these ads once in a while but they hamper your internet connection’s speed drastically.

Now that you know advertising media slows down the internet’s speed, isn’t it easier to just block them?

We think it is.

You can simply install an ad-blocking plugin as it will disable those data-consuming ads and will help you resume your internet surfing at the usual speed that you need.
7: Talk To Your ISPLast but not least, if you are not content with your internet speed, your provider may be able to give you a faster package.

Yes, we understand that paying more money every month isn’t nice, but if your internet is driving you insane, it may be your only alternative.

Call your provider and inquire about other options, or do some internet research to see what other people are paying for comparable plans. You could even be able to locate bargains that the provider won’t tell you about over the phone if you search online.
Get The Edge!When you boost your internet speed, you get on the roller coaster of the web and get familiarized with the unlimited features the internet has to offer.

So, if it becomes trouble, we suggest you get on board with our tips and get the edge.

For further questions, you may reach us in the comment section down below.

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