Chooses Mercy Smart Square As Its Staff Scheduling Tool

The Smart Square staff scheduling tool is designed to simplify the management of hospital staff and patients. It helps healthcare organizations create and assign shifts with ease. The system allows managers to manage employee breaks and assign work to specific team members. The easy-to-use interface allows users to manage their schedules and work contact details from anywhere. It also helps them leverage economies of scale. The Mercy Smart Square staff scheduling tool can be easily installed on a hospital computer.

Comprehensive Scheduling Tool

Its comprehensive scheduling tool enables organizations to efficiently schedule basic and emergency personnel. Using Smart Square in nursing and non-nursing departments is equally beneficial. Co-workers appreciate the ease of access to the schedule and its user-friendly interface. The system will help Mercy take advantage of the economies of scale offered by regional hospitals by strategically staffing nursing units. This will increase staff productivity and allow nursing leaders to spend more time with patients.

The Smart Square nursing software was developed by nursing professionals, so it has an intuitive interface. Using the Smart-Square software, users can quickly update patient information and send emails. The software also provides a way to keep track of patient status. The staff can also store a list of patient contacts, which is useful in emergencies. Its flexibility makes it a great fit for any healthcare facility.

Emergency Personnel

Smart Square is an all-encompassing staff scheduling tool that empowers organizations to plan efficiently and manage emergency personnel. The system works in all departments and has the same effectiveness in nursing and non-nursing settings. It’s easy to use and intuitive to use, which is important for co-workers. By strategically staffing nursing units, Mercy will leverage the economies of scale provided by regional hospitals and benefit from the flexibility of a centralized scheduling tool. With smart-square, Mercy will be able to maximize the efficiency of its employees and devote more time to their patients.

Smart Square is an intuitive scheduling tool that allows organizations to manage their core staff and proactively manage contingency personnel. Its easy-to-use web interface is easy to use and provides access to information on the schedule of co-workers. In addition to enabling better communication with patients, smart square makes it easier for hospital staff to plan, monitor and prioritize their workdays. The solution helps employees to stay informed about the schedules of their colleagues.


With smart square, Mercy is able to manage its staff and clients. Its intuitive interface and customizable web application allow for flexible management of client appointments and emergency staff. The tool is also mobile-friendly and convenient for physicians. In short, it is a comprehensive staff scheduling tool for hospitals. If you have a medical office, it is vital to have a robust and reliable system to effectively manage all aspects of its staff.

The Smart Square staff scheduling tool is designed to give hospitals a seamless and user-friendly experience. With the simple interface and IP hiding capabilities, employees are able to manage their schedules easily. The customizable interfaces allow hospital administration to customize the tool to meet their unique needs. And because it’s completely customizable, the Mercy smart square application also offers customizable user interfaces for hospital management. It’s easy to add and delete clients and manage emergency staff.

Emergency Staff Efficiently

Mercy Smart Square is a comprehensive staff scheduling tool that enables organizations to plan and schedule their essential emergency staff efficiently. Using a smart square, healthcare organizations can maximize their resources by strategically staffing nursing units. The system is easy to use and provides an intuitive web interface. Moreover, it allows users to manage the schedules of all their employees. The program is designed to allow managers to spend more time with patients.

Final Words:

The Mercy Smart Square software is user-friendly. Its advanced data-cleaning features eliminate redundant and inconsistent data. Using the smart square staff scheduling software, nurses can search for patients and schedule their shifts. With its easy-to-use Web interface, they can monitor their staff’s performance and manage their schedules. This way, they can spend more time with their patients. And with its smart square scheduling tool, nursing teams can manage their staff more efficiently read more.

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