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Choosing your fabric for your DIY fabric hammock

Making something handmade would definitely entail a lot of planning involving the materials needed for that project. Many would like to rest in a cozy swing and it has been common nowadays that people integrate hammocks in their home. Deciding to pick fresh fabrics for your handmade fabric hammock should ensure that the aesthetic would not compromise the integrity of its purpose or functionality. Trade only fabric supplier for range of fabrics you can find. 


    A cotton fabric hammock has an ideal quality for hammocks making it a widely common type of fabric for your hammocks.  This fabric avoids resistance to tear, but has a soft texture that allows moisture to be absorbed easily. Hence, this fabric is even fit as hammock for hot temperature or weather. Cotton is not high maintenance than other type of fabric hammock.

Organic Cotton

    One of the group of people that uses or is being aided by hammocks are children and babies. This choice of fresh fabric is good for them since they have sensitive skin. For opting safe hammock that is environmental-friendly, grown and harvested cotton without chemical usage is a perfect choice. This fresh fabric is called organic cotton.

Hamactex and Polypropylene

    This type of fabric hammock is weather-resistance which is good if your opt to hang your hammocks outside. The quality this type of fabric hammock bring is soft, comfortable, hard-wearing, inbuilt UV, and water resistant while it even resists from fading. This type of fresh fabrics is  good option if you aim to leave the hammock hanging outside.However, it does not compromise its quality as it can also fit inside your homes.

Parachute Silk

    The fabric of parachute silk allows a very lightweight hammock you can bring anywhere. The materials in this fabric hammock is made from nylon trilobal that comes from very extremely thin nylon threads. Hence, these fabrics allows extremely lightweight and compact hammock that even ensures strong and comfortable advantages. Moreover, the quality resists to tear and allows breathability. This allows comfort and durability even on warmer days and nights.

Nylon vs Polyester

    Nylon has better quality for fabric hammock as it is more durable than polyester. The fresh fabrics of nylon allows more weight being stretchable than polyester. You can only make the polyester carry so much and as durable  as nylon if you pick double the weight of the fabric, which in turn brings us back to the benefit of the nylon being lightweight. 

Moreover, the quality of nylon being breathable makes it better as an hammock as it ensures and allows comfort most especially during the summer season. Even the texture of nylon is a better choice than polyester as it provides softness. Meanwhile, polyester fresh fabrics would seem like plastic unlike the feeling brought by nylon fresh fabrics. Basically, hammocks are best when they are light, comfortable, and durable which can be brought by fresh fabrics made from nylon.

Integrated or impregnated  fabrics: Hammock 

    There is a new type of fabric hammock that is common these days. These are fabrics where impregnation method is done. This process involves the integration of two or more different fabrics to provide a more efficient hammock. One highly recommended integration is the association of nylon and DWR or Durable Water Repellency. This impregnation allows resistance to water and prevents saturation of water on the outer layer of the fabric. Moreover, DWR allows easy shaking off of morning dew drops. 

Despite this, the impregnation does not lessen its the nylon’s quality of being breathable which is vital for a hammock. Nylon being impregnation to other fresh fabrics would not be a good idea as nylon can slightly lose its durability and strength when integrated with other fabrics such as polyester or PU. Lastly, the best thing about the impregnation of nylon and DWR is that it is cheaper than other fresh fabrics’ impregnation.

Do It Yourself!

The best fabric for light hammock is in our opinion ripstop nylon in a rage from 40D to 70D.

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