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Cool Home in Hot Summers: Tips and Tricks

Summers in Australia are no joke. One of the downsides of living in our beautiful country is the blistering heat of the summer. Use of cooling systems, refrigerators etc are at an all time high which means the power bills will be high as well. Fret not, we at Direct Point Electrical have compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help you keep your home cool this summer and will be light on your pocket as well.

  • It’s all about the room temperature:

That’s right! Set your AC to around 25 degrees (normal room temperature) rather than an extremely low temperature. This method might be slow but it’s definitely more affordable and works just the same.

  • Time to invest in thick curtains:

Covering up your windows with thick curtains and closing the gaps between the ceiling/ floor and the door will prevent the cool air from escaping the room and even stop heat from coming inside.

  • Switching to ceiling fans might be a smart move:

Fans are way more efficient than air conditioners and are highly effective for cooling the surroundings. If kept clean, they will consume even less power as it increases their aerodynamicity. 

Moreover, you have ample options with varied styles to suit your needs as well your home interiors to choose from. 

Also, be mindful and remember to switch off the fan whenever you leave the room.

  • Did you take a look at the insides of your air conditioner?

Bacteria, mould and other dirt particles are bound to get stuck in the filters making it difficult for the air conditioner to work efficiently. An unserviced air conditioner may even amp up your electricity bill due to this reason. So take care of your air conditioner and it will take care of you. If you’re noticing something strange in your air conditioner and you feel like it’s going to break down in the middle of the summer, you better call emergency ac repair Las Vegas right away.

  • Make use of the blissful evenings:

Rather than staying inside the house all day long, go out in the evenings and make use of the cool weather. This will not only save electricity but also give you a break from the hot box that your house might have become during the day.

  • Keep a check on the pool pump:

Opt for pool pumps that come with a timer and power saving mode. These might be expensive upfront, but will save a lot of money and electricity in the long run. To use them even more efficiently, run it during the time when electricity is cheaper than at other times of the day.

  • Hit the Switch:

Try to be a little more conscious in terms of appliances that you have installed in your home. Turn them off while not in use. Appliances like television, washing machines, consoles etc consume energy even in standby mode.  You will save a lot by putting in minimal effort

  • Stars matter:

No, we are not talking about astrological stars. The star rating on your new appliance matters a lot when it comes to energy efficiency. An appliance with a higher rating may have a higher price but it will save a lot more in terms of electricity consumption when compared to one that has a lower rating.

  • Give the fridge a break:

A majority of people forget about the power switch of their refrigerator after turning it on once during installation. Give its compressor time to cool off every once in a while. Dust off the top and sides and replace the seals if they are loose. Loose seals may let out cool air and force the fridge to work twice as hard. Also, the optimum temperature for your fridge and freezer is 3-5 degree and -18 degree for them to work efficiently and save money. These simple steps will save you hundreds of dollars.

  • Thaw meats safely:

Thawing frozen meat in the microwave might be a cheaper method but it can also result in food poisoning. The safe and energy efficient way to thaw meat is to plan ahead. It might take a little longer than usual but thawing meat overnight will defrost it more consistently and save money.

  • Clean filters are necessary: 

It’s not just the filters of your air conditioners that need to be cleaned regularly, but the ones in your dishwasher and washing machine as well. Clean appliances means more efficiency. Also, using cold water instead of hot while using these appliances will save the water heating costs. Avoid using them unless necessary. 

  • Skip the dryer:

Opt for air drying your clothes rather than using the dryer. This will not only be cost and energy efficient but your clothes will be bacteria free due to sunlight.

  • Consider installing a tempering valve:

Installing a tempering valve will limit the water temperature to 50 degrees. This will save the water heater from consuming excess energy and provide hot showers as well.

  • Invest in Solar Energy:

Harnessing solar energy is one of the most effective cost saving methods when it comes to electricity. Make efficient use of the hot summer sun by installing solar panels to power up your home. Investing in solar energy is literally investing in the future.

  • Switch your lighting systems:

Switching from high heat halogen bulbs to low heat LED bulbs can be helpful in cooling down your house. Not only this, LED bulbs do not put a dent in your pocket and use comparatively 75% less energy to produce the same amount of light.

  • Insulate: 

Investing in quality insulation can reduce your house’s climate control bills by 40%. Insulation helps in keeping the cool air inside and prevents the hot air from coming inside. Make sure to take help of a licensed electrician from denver electricians only and that the insulation is safe and does not pose any danger.

We hope that these tips prove to be of some help to you. At Direct Point Electrical, we provide our customers with the best options which are light on the pocket and environmentally friendly as well. Our Pakenham Electrician provide all kinds of services such as maintenance, lighting, security alarms etc. You can reach us at 1300 317 328 and to read more such blogs, visit our website

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