Coworking Space Mailroom Software: Why Mailroom by PackageX Is the Best?

According to Forbes, the 10 largest providers of coworking and flexible office space comprise 36% of the market.

The essence of coworking spaces is that people get to work as per their own preferences. Individuals can come and go, visit one another, and work at their will. Similarly, they can also stay for extended periods.

But, coworking mailroom comes with their fair share of challenges. One of the pain points for managers within shared working spaces is how to manage their mail and package deliveries.

If you are not working in the mailroom or any front desk, you might not understand the importance of software for mailroom management.

How Can a Coworking Space Mailroom Software Help?

Mailroom staff who are constancy processing office mails for hundreds of employees, the high volume of deliveries is a major challenge. Managers also have to keep an eye on workplace security and track the most important deliveries such as sensitive documents and equipment.

With the increasing demand for such digitalized solutions, there is numerous digital mailroom solution available in the market which makes it overwhelming for corporate offices. Business owners and stakeholders look for a solution that fits their requirements, budget, and has the right features complimenting the business model.

In today’s modernized, digital world, having a manual mailroom system makes no sense for businesses. Coworking spaces look for automated and digital mailroom solutions for efficient business processes. Mailroom by PackageX is an intelligent package management software that resolves all your mailroom challenges and woes.

From digitalizing your mailroom to giving high level of security for all your packages, Mailroom is a flexible and fully automated software design to meet package management for coworking spaces.

What is a Parcel Locker ?

A parcel locker is a secure, automated system for receiving and storing parcels. It is typically used by businesses and organizations that need to manage large volumes of parcels, such as e-commerce retailers or courier companies.

Why Mailroom by PackageX is the Best?

Every coworking and corporate office have their package management and delivery challenges. And, these tend to grow higher if they do not have a proper system in place. Mailroom by PackageX is a one-of-a-kind digital mailroom solution offering an efficient solution to deliver packages to the recipients.

There are several reasons why it has become the go-to digital mailroom solution for so many businesses. Mailroom offers a wide range of features at a fair price point. From real-time tracking to instant notifications to recipients, it has made lives easier for mailroom staff in coworking spaces.

Apart from this, corporate offices and coworking spaces get rid of manual data entry, efficient data management, digital delivery log, and much more. Imagine the possibilities of automating and digitizing your mailroom in a coworking space.

Here is how Mailroom by PackageX has made an impact on coworking spaces mailrooms.

  • Better Security

What’s the worst thing that could happen to your package? Losing it due to human negligence or error. But, you do not have to worry about losing any important parcels when you introduce a digital mailroom system.

Mailroom by PackageX has an OCR (optical character recognition) enabled technology which leaves no room for error. All it takes is a simple barcode scan to create a digital log of incoming and outgoing parcels. So, what about the handwritten labels? Mailroom also permits to scan such labels to offer better and improved security.

Coworking space managers can also introduce parcel locker to give peace of mind to employees who are looking to keep their packages in a safe place.

  • Time Efficiency

Mailroom staff saves A LOT of time their time. With a digital mailroom solution, they no longer have to manually perform tasks. Mailroom by PackageX automates redundant tasks such as data entry, sending notifications and reminders, scanning packages, and more.

  • Simple Integration

Business owners are looking for ways to use resources at hand to their full potential. It is quite simple to integrate the digital mailroom solution to a wide range of third party applications. This allows mailroom staff to make incoming and outgoing package delivery efficient and hassle free.

Mailroom operators can send notifications on coworkers’ desired application, so they know their delivery has arrived the facility. Mailroom by PackageX supports big name applications such as Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp Messenger. Employees can also choose to be notified via email or text message.

Digital mailroom software has significantly reduced the rate of unpicked and unwanted parcels where employees had no knowledge their package is delivered.

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Did you know nearly 45% of the documents printed in-office end up in the trash within three months? With a digital mailroom system, you are playing your part by giving back to Mother Nature. Manual mailroom system revolved around tons of paperwork managing entries, signatures, and whatnot!

With PackageX’s Mailroom, you go paperless and digitalize such tasks using a smartphone or tablet. Have an incoming parcel? Scan the label to create a digital log and store it. What about a coworker picking a crucial delivery? A digital signature to take ‘receiving’ that the parcel is picked.

Not only shared offices save time, but the hassle that goes into checking and managing a huge pile of documents.

Final Remarks

Digital mailroom software solutions have completely revolutionized how coworking spaces handle their package deliveries. Mailroom by PackageX optimizes your mailroom processes, reduces the risk of losing deliveries, and keeps employees happy with instant notifications about their parcels.

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