Cynerio Iot Series YoYonline: Launches IoT Attack Detection and Response Module

Cynerio Iot Series YoYonline is the only healthcare industry-specific IoT security platform that goes beyond device inventory to automate asset discovery and risk reduction across IoT, OT, IoMT and unmanaged IT.

Medical-First Cyber Security Solution Empowers

This medical-first cybersecurity solution empowers hospitals to quickly contain risks, mitigate attacks and collect actionable forensics from critical devices exhibiting malicious or suspicious behavior that may impact patient care. This helps ensure that patient data and also services can continue uninterrupted.

Leading Providers of Healthcare

Cynerio iot series yoyonline is one of the leading providers of healthcare IoT cybersecurity solutions. Its solutions help hospitals and other healthcare entities identify, secure, and manage their connected medical devices, ensuring data protection, service continuity, and patient safety.

Prime Target for Cyber Criminals

The healthcare industry is a prime target for cybercriminals and also the number of attacks has increased dramatically over the past 18 months – more than doubling in 2020 alone. This is especially true of small hospitals, which are the most at-risk due to limited technical, human and financial resources for addressing cyber threats.

Cynerio Iot Series YoYonline solution provides security teams with visibility into their connected clinical engineering and IoT ecosystem, automating threat detection, mitigation and remediation to simplify IoT security management. It also empowers hospital IT teams to contain and also micro-segment device threats while devices are in use allowing patient care to continue securely.

30m Series B Funding Round

Cynerio is a cybersecurity platform that provides hospitals and also other healthcare organizations with the tools they need to protect their IT systems. The company recently raised a 30m Series B funding round, which will help it expand domestically.

The funding is also expected to help Cynerio offer improved customer service to its existing customers. This will boost its reputation and also possibly drive more domestic growth in the industry.

OT & Unmanaged IT

Cynerio Iot Series YoYonline provides healthcare organizations with a medical-first, holistic approach to securing their IoT, OT and unmanaged IT. The company develops cybersecurity protections by comparing network behavior with a database of medical workflows. It then uses that information to create automated rules and a remediation path.

Cynerio is a healthcare cybersecurity firm that recently raised $30 million in Series B funding. This is a large amount of money that will help the company expand its presence both domestically and internationally.

Pain Points of Customers

Investors have seen that Cynerio is addressing the pain points of its customers and are willing to invest in the startup. Many of the investors involved in this. Round have experience in the healthcare industry, such as Accelmed, RDC, MTIP, Close Brothers Group and Alive VC.

Cynerio provides a platform that allows hospitals and other. Organizations to detect and mitigate threats to their IT systems without service disruptions. It also helps to keep up with the latest security risks and adapt quickly when they occur. This is the kind of approach that investors are looking for in a cybersecurity firm.

Critical Connected Devices

Cynerio is the only medical-first IoT security platform to be named a Gartner Cool Vendor. This award is a reflection of the critical need for healthcare organizations to safeguard. Their critical connected devices and mitigate cyber threats.

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues to strain hospital IT networks worldwide. Cynerio is bringing the innovation of asset discovery and also. Risk reduction one step further with a full-suite healthcare IoT cybersecurity solution that goes beyond visibility to cover IoT, IoMT, OT and also unmanaged IT.

Expert-Led Education

To help hospitals get the most out of their Cynerio solutions. The company recently formalized its channel partner program to provide MSPs, VARs and MSSPs. Servicing hospitals and also healthcare systems with a clear path to revenue through robust marketing. And sales support and also expert-led education.

With Cynerio securing $30 million Series B funding, the company is on track to expand its domestic and global presence. Investors are interested in this cybersecurity firm. Because it has a successful platform that is helping healthcare firms deal with their pain points.

Cynerio is a security solution that focuses on protecting connected medical devices and IoT assets. It offers security visibility, automated threat detection and remediation.

Final Words:

The solution is available for hospitals, hospital systems and healthcare organizations. It is used to identify security risks on all devices in a hospital’s IoT environment. And also automates security processes for a faster and easier process.

The healthcare industry has seen an increase in cyberattacks, and also the need for more robust security solutions is growing. To address this need, Cynerio has released the first healthcare IoT attack detection and response module to empower hospitals to identify. Contain and also mitigate threats on devices exhibiting malicious or suspicious behavior. So that patient health and also service provision won’t be compromised.

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