Do Backlinks Drive Website Success?

We are in 2021, rolling into 2022, and you’re telling me search engines still use backlinks to validate the authority of websites? While the process used by search engines may be confusing, there is an answer to these questions, but the answers never remain entirely the same. Search engines are constantly evolving and changing their ranking algorithms, so make sure you are keeping with the times.

Backlinks Are Not The Only Factor

Backlinks remain important to the success of your website, but not to the same extent we saw ten years ago. Google and other search engines. The quality and intelligence of crawlers are constantly improving, which means search engines are always refining their determination process. Across all of the changes that have happened, there have been some consistent factors.

Page Content

Search engine crawlers look for specific words, media, content length, configuration, schema, and additional attributes when deciding who gets the top spot. There are a few obstacles that present themselves when you set out to create the perfect ranking content, and one of those hurdles is finding the ideal balance between total optimization and flowing phrases. When SEO is poorly applied, it’s quite obvious and customers tend to be off-put. Another issue that many writers come across is focusing too much on the exact keyword. In many situations, the keyword you intent to target is very specific and should only be used once on the page, but variations are highly encouraged. It often takes a content optimization tool to find the best supporting variations for your page content.

Site Quality

Far too many businesses look past their site quality and expect to rank with quick on-page efforts. For any kind of lasting prosperity, you must start your campaign with an optomized website. That means performing a technical audit, which will highlight any issues your site may have, such as short, long , or missing titles and meta descriptions, thin content pages, duplicate content, lengthy URLs, and more. A thorough website audit will ensure Google’s web crawlers have a direct path to your content and they find exactly what is needed to rank your site. A complete website audit will provide a clear content map, unique, proper length content on every page, and optimized titles and descriptions to improve your conversion. 

Supporting Content

Supporting content is crucial in building your relevance in a subject. Google and other search engines will never just decide that a 5-page site with no supporting content, no interlinking, and no off-page efforts is the most reliable source of information, and adding content fixes most of these issues simultaneously. Landing pages, blog posts, FAQ pages, and other content add to the credibility of your site. When these pages are interlinked with your target page, it will heighten the relevance and help the URL generate authority. 


Backlink authority is something that will likely never perish, and sometimes that is a good thing. Websites used to get away with generating irrelevant, low-quality links that blatantly supported a keyword, but that is no longer the case in most scenarios. Google’s crawlers are getting smarter all the time, and are learning to classify spammy sites for what they are, and that will be reflected on the domain as a whole. Business owners who attempt to buy cheap backlinks to rank will likely do more damage than good, while the right links can help your pages excel. High authority sites that are truly relevant in your space hold the most power for sharing authority, but those are difficult to come across. More link sharing will lower the value of a site’s sharing value, so many high-authority sites are prone to be selective of who they link to. 

Integrate Multiple Components For True Results

When looking for an SEO specialist to help with your site, be selective and ensure that they are willing to explore all of the components above, otherwise you may only see short-term success. At the end of the day, your SEO agency should aim to help your site generate and convert traffic, which takes time, patience, and a blend of technical, on-page, and off-page search engine optimization. For quick results, go with ads. For something that will matter years after your payments stop, find a quality SEO professional to partner with.

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