Facebook marketing strategies for your landscaping business


If you own a business that provides services, you must know how essential it is to market your business right. Facebook and social media marketing are very effective as they reach a huge audience and do not cost a lot. Often people visit a business website and social media profiles before reaching out to it to get an idea of how good the services are. 

If you have a landscaping business, an online presence highlighting and displaying your work can be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. You should utilize a platform like Facebook to promote your business further. 

6 Facebook marketing strategies 

  1. Create a strategic business page

The most important thing regarding marketing via Facebook is having an organized and effective business page. Everything should relay and highlight the most important and the best side of your business, from the profile photo to the cover photo to the information provided. The cover photo can be of an old landscaping job that best displays your services. The profile photo can be your company logo. 

The about section should give insight into your business and your services. All contact details should be mentioned, including your website and social media handles. A call to action button, such as the “Book Now” button, should also be present.

Any upcoming events or promotions should be pinned so that these details are easily available and visible to new clients. 

  1. Post eye-catching contents regularly

You must post interesting and well-curated content on your page regularly. You don’t need to create much content, as your landscaping business can provide you with most of the content you need. Photograph your creations well, which can be used to create content. You can use these photographs in things like Facebook posters and the background of other posts. 

If you have any upcoming promotions or events, you can use your photographs as the background of your Facebook post or flyers. This way, you have an eye-catching post that also highlights your work. 

Just make sure that you post regularly and post relevant and interesting content. It can include polls, discussions, promotional content, behind-the-scenes videos, etc.

  1. Join groups and be a part of the community 

Facebook has groups created by users for all different kinds of interests. You should utilize this by joining both public and private groups. You can use these groups to promote your brand or simply interact with new people and increase your network. You can answer people’s queries so that people notice your presence. You can advertise upcoming events and promotions in such groups by posting landscaping flyers.

  1. Create your group

You can also create your group to interact with old and new customers. It can also act as a medium for customers to interact with each other and create a community. You can use this as an opportunity to remain in touch with customers. 

You can start discussions relevant to your business, giving you insight into your audience’s point of view. You can also have special offers and deals for those part of your group and community.

  1. Highlight your work and accomplishments

One of the best ways to promote your business is by showing potential clients what you can do. To do so, you create a separate photo album displaying your work. 

You can ask customers for permission to photograph their lawns before and after you have provided services and post comparative photos to show potential clients how well you work. It can also act as an inspiration for potential clients, and they can contact you to provide them with services similar to those you have displayed online. 

You can also ask customers for feedback and testimonials, which you can then post on your Facebook page, as word-of-mouth marketing is a very effective method. This way, future clients can have reliable reviews of your work.  

  1. Make use of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are such a good investment that, according to a survey, 93% of marketers use them. These can be especially useful ahead of a big promotion or event, and you can have an ad campaign. 

These ads allow you to pick your audience, location, and target interests and behaviors. It increases your outreach on Facebook and makes you visible on more timelines.

However, you will need to ensure that this campaign is well-designed and relay all the necessary information, like the date, the services, and your contact details. You can use your work to create content for these ads. 


All these are simply ideas to get you started. These basic strategies can help novices and experts and are a great starting point. These Facebook marketing methods can bring many more eyes to your landscaping business and attract more customers. Once you have mastered these, you can explore more methods to market your business via Facebook.

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