Frankfurt GermanyBased Clark 69M Insurance Technology Startup

Founded in 1999 in Frankfurt GermanyBased Clark 69M is a company that aims to fill a gap in the insurance market. The firm has raised EUR39m in its history and plans to expand to other regions of the world.

Digital Insurance Services & Mobile App

Founded in June 2015 by Finleap, Oster, and Steffen Glomb, Clark offers digital insurance services and a mobile app. It combines insurance expertise with technology to provide simple and effective advice. Its software allows customers to see all their insurance options in one place, and it helps them identify better offers. It has more than 300,000 customers in Germany and Austria, and it aims to add 1 million more over the next three years.

Frankfurt GermanyBased Clark 69M uses artificial intelligence to analyze the situation of its users and suggest better insurance options. It also has a mobile app that lets users manage their contracts. It has a contract volume of over $310 million, and it claims that this is a tenfold increase from 2016.

Robo-Advisory Service

With its robo-advisory service, Frankfurt GermanyBased Clark 69M helps users identify and choose the best deals. They can search for car, health, and private liability insurance, as well as household items, legal protection, and personal liability. Its algorithms determine the appropriate insurance policies for the user, and it tries to ensure that the policy is affordable.

Earlier this year, Clark 69M, an insurance technology startup, announced its plans to expand internationally. The company is already in operation in Germany and Austria, but has yet to take off in other markets. In the next few years, it will focus on expanding into other European countries and the United States.

How to Create Contract Overviews?

Clark offers users a mobile app for managing their insurance contracts. Whether they want to request a new offer or check if they are getting the best deal, the app is designed to keep them informed. It also lets them create contract overviews. This application is used by over 300,000 customers in Germany.

Product Development & Customer Acquisition Strategies

In addition to the app, Clark 69M also has a digital insurance management platform. This platform will increase the amount of investment the company makes in product development and customer acquisition strategies. The company has built a strong reputation for its tech-first approach to the insurance industry.

The company has also received funding from investors such as Yabeo and Portag3 Ventures. In the latest round of funding, Clark secured EUR69 million from Tencent. This capital infusion will help the company to accelerate growth and expand into international markets.

Tencent Invests in Germany Based Insurtech Company Clark 69m Series

Among the largest investors of the Clark 69m Series is Chinese internet giant Tencent. This investment will help Clark increase the number of clients, expand the product portfolio, and speed up its development. The company also plans to expand its international operations. In addition, the money raised from this deal will be used to further expand the company’s recruiting efforts in Germany.

Clark is an insurance company that provides a digital insurance manager. It also offers a platform for consumers to track their insurance claims history. The company currently has over four hundred thousand customers in Germany and is aiming to add one million customers by 2023. Its products are intended to help consumers save time and money.

Business Model

The company has a very clear strategy in place for expanding its operations globally. The main objective is to become the world’s leading insurtech firm. Its current plans involve expanding its client base and adding more protection products. Its business model is built around artificial intelligence.


The insurance industry in Germany is a competitive one and many policyholders are dissatisfied with the providers. Most of these policyholders are looking for a more convenient and efficient way to obtain their insurance. Fortunately, the technology behind Clark makes it easier for them to get the coverage they need.

Clark aims to help policyholders find the best solution for their needs. Using artificial intelligence, the company is working to make insurance more affordable and convenient. Specifically, it hopes to double the number of policyholders who have renewable energy policies. It will also add more protection items, administrations, and services to its offerings. It will also continue to expand its operations to other European countries and Asian markets.

Customer Support

Having a strong distribution channel, excellent customer support, and a proven concept, Clark has a great chance of achieving its goal. It has over 50k customers in Germany and employs more than seventy five thousand people in three different divisions. The company’s distribution is impressive, as it aims to serve more than one million customers worldwide by 2023.

The company’s product is an app-based insurance manager. Its aim is to help consumers choose the right insurance plan and provide excellent client care. The company also plans to increase its product offerings, improve AI-based technology, and accelerate its recruitment efforts in the German market.

Most Advanced Insurtech Company

Clark aims to expand its global presence, as it plans to offer insurance products to more people in Europe, Asia, and the United States. It is confident that it can become the world’s largest insurance provider. It also has a large portfolio of financial backing and is working to achieve its goal of becoming the most advanced insurtech company.

Final Words:

It is hoped that Clark’s technology and experience will make the insurance market more convenient and affordable for policyholders. It will also help consumers manage their insurance claims, saving them time and money.

The company will also be able to expand its international operations with Tencent’s funding. It will also use the money to speed up its development and increase the number of employees.

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