Gas Mask Water Pipe

A gas mask water pipe is just a pipe with the mouthpiece part of the pipe insert into the gas mask. The gas mask designs especially for use with this smoking equipment. It features a hole in the center that you can simply insert your water pipe into. There are two large plastic eye holes that allow you to see where your dish is at all times. This will assist you in determining where to place the light and heat the herb.

It’s entertaining to watch folks smoke from this gas mask water pipe the smoke fill the interior of the mask. Right before the smoke is breathed, you can see the eye openings fill with smoke as the smoke is drawn in.

Face Masks of Various Types

The gas masks that will attach to these water pipes will be different. However, there are many other kinds to choose from. It is more of a personal taste. Some inspire by superheroes, while others are more traditional wartime masks.

How to Use It?

Simply pull the mask over your head and fasten the straps around it. You may adjust the fit of the hat using the straps to ensure that it is comfortable on your head. Take the mouthpiece or the end of the chamber of the water pipe and insert it into it. The mouth hole of the mask after it has adjusts to fit comfortably around your head. Once it has been properly inserts, you may add some dried herbs to the bowl and light the dish with your lighter to finish it off.

When you take a hit, make sure it’s a good, solid blow to the head. Once the smoke has accumulated, there is no way out until you completely extinguish it.

Now that marijuana is a legal drug to use for recreational reasons in Canada. As well as most of the rest of the western world, Canadians seem a number of weed-related accessories to select from. Companies that manufacture smoking devices are becoming less covert in their advertising and product placement. Making it easier for someone like me to get their hands on something as unique as a gas mask-shaped pipe. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a gas mask pipe,\. I’ll give you a short overview of the fundamentals before sharing the details of how it all went down.

What is a gas mask pipe, and how does it work?

The majority of gas mask pipes are not much different in appearance from a normal water pipe. The most significant change is a mask that is connected to the pipe’s mouthpiece of the mask. Creating a seal around the water pipe stem. It is essential in order to prevent smoke from escaping through the gaping holes surrounding the stem. It is also more rubbery than a conventional gas mask. Allowing it to seal against the corners of your face in a far more pleasant manner than a standard gas mask.

Instructions on how to use a gas mask pipe

Using a gas mask pipe is a very simple process that needs little to no previous expertise or knowledge. The only requirements are that you are not claustrophobic. That you have a rudimentary understanding of how to operate a water pipe. You should take off any jewelry you may be wearing, including earrings and facial piercings, before starting since they will pull on as you position the mask.

  • To begin, you will need to open the gas mask pipe box and smooth it out so that you can have a good look at all of the components. It’s great if you acquaint yourself with it right away. Prior to it being fill with water and connecting to your face, it will be consuming to wash your face.
  • Fill the water chamber in the pipe part of the device about a quarter of the way with water, and then close the lid.
  • Set aside any marijuana you want to smoke via it and grind it up in a convenient location where you can easily get it later on.
  • Continue to pull the mask up and over the top of your head until it completely covers your whole face.
  • After that, gently pull at all of the rubber edges to make sure they are all laying flat again. In this way, you will be able to build the required seal around your face.
  • Inhale and exhale to see if the seal is intact. If you see bubbles beginning to develop in the water pipe, it means you’re ready to start smoking.
  • Carefully pour the contents of the bowl into the container. I’d suggest going no more than half the first time, just in case it becomes too much and you have to take it off quickly.
  • To use the bowl, light it with a lighter and take a long, deep breath in.
  • Exhale the smoke that has built up within the mask and then go back for as much as you can take.

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