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Guide to renting a house in Pondicherry or Koramangala

Our older generations have always fixated on buying and owning a house. However, the younger generation wants more flexibility and freedom to live and work wherever they want. Also, investing in a home at a young age is difficult and expensive. The expansion of job opportunities across the globe has discouraged people from buying houses and settling in one place. As a result, the renting market has been booming consistently in the past few decades. People prefer rental flats in Koramangala to buying them. Since renting apartments is a part of our daily lives, we should know the factors to assess while renting.

Here are a few things to check while renting a house – 

  • Locality or Area

The first factor to check before renting a flat involves the locality or area you are looking at. It is essential that the location of the flat that you are choosing is safe. You should also check the access to different facilities such as hospitals and pharmacies. If you plan to live alone, you may want closer access to healthcare. Also, check if there are any loud markets, restaurants, or pubs around the locality. 

  • The pet situation

If you are looking for a flat to rent in Pondicherry and have pets, you may want to discuss the situation with the landlord. Many landlords do not allow their tenants to keep pets in the house. There are varying reasons. However, it is better to have a clear discussion on whether the landlord would allow a pet in their rental home or not. Having this conversation early on will help you look for the right home faster. 

  • Repairs

A crucial part of the tenancy is repairs and maintenance around the house. It is unavoidable to have something or another fall out while living in a house. Hence, repairs are necessary. But, while renting a home, you must find out who would be responsible for the repairs. This responsibility should be mentioned in the agreement. If you are given the responsibility as a tenant, make sure to clarify the extent of the responsibility that you are required to fulfill. For example, you may be okay to get the small repairs done while living in rental flats in Koramangala. But, you do not want the responsibility of repairing the roof if it falls. Hence, you must clear this aspect with your landlord and include it as a clause in the rent agreement. 

  • Repaint before moving in

Another aspect to consider before renting a flat on rent in Pondicherry is to ask the landlord if they would be willing to repaint the house before you move in. Rental homes can be shabby after they have been emptied by the previous tenants. Also, it is expected of the landlord to repaint the house before a new tenant moves in. You would also want to move into a clean and freshly painted house, so the upkeep is less taxing in the first few months. Hence, have a clear conversation with the landlord about repainting the house. If they agree, include it as a term in the agreement. 

  • Find out about the deposit.

It is a known fact that a deposit is supposed to be given while taking a house for rent. The usual practice is to provide three months’ advance to the landlord, which is refundable on vacating the house. But, the norm can be different in different cities. The flat owners also often have varied demands. Hence, it is necessary to clarify how much a deposit would be necessary for renting. It is important to check if you can afford to pay the deposit or not. 

  • Rent increase

Increasing the rent on a flat is another common practice while renting. The norm is for the landlord to increase 10% of rent after an 11-month lease is renewed. Clarify the terms of the rent increase with your landlord. Ask what the increasing percentage would be and the time duration after which it will be applicable. Again, ensure that these terms are mentioned in the lease or the rent agreement.  

  • Write and read everything.

Ask your landlord to write all the tenancy terms in the rent agreement. The rent agreement will be your protection against the landlord if any discrepancies occur in the future. Hence, think about all possible situations and terms and have them written. If there are terms that you disagree with, challenge them. You can communicate with the landlord about such terms and reach a different conclusion. Lastly, read all the terms thoroughly before you sign the rental agreement.  

Renting a flat is not an easy process. First, you have to find the right property for yourself with the right amenities and facilities. Then, there are many terms to agree upon with the landlord. Most of these terms are standard but must be clarified to avoid confusion later. Also, finding a flat can be hassle-free through Housing.com. You can mention your requirements and filter the search as per your needs. Once you have gone through the process for the first time, renting a flat in any part of the country will become easy for you, and hopefully, this guide will make the first time easier. 

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