How Did Rickie Fowler Meet Allison Stokke?

How did Rickie Fowler meet his wife Allison Stokke? They’re two of the most famous and successful couples in sports. Fowler and Stokke started dating in 2017 and later got married. The couple has a baby due in November 2021. They were married in October and have been together for a year. They are expecting their first child in November. The couple are also expecting another baby in the future.

High School Sophomore

Before meeting Allison Stokke, Rickie Fowler had dated pole vaulter Alison ‘Stokke’ in 2004. Their relationship was brief but subsequently blossomed into a relationship. In 2005, Stokke broke the American freshman record and the high school sophomore record in pole vaulting. The couple’s love story has been a popular topic of conversation ever since.

Numerous Social Media Groups

In addition to being a super model, Allison became an instant sensation. Her photo was shared in numerous social media groups and a blog owner was even sued for publishing it. She also gained plenty of stalkers. As a result, she started locking doors to her home to prevent potential bad consequences. The internet also became a source of much gossip. Allison was so overwhelmed by the attention she received, she locked the doors of her house.

Despite being famous, Allison Stokke met Rickie Fowler in real life. Fowler was travelling with the two and was a guest at the Hero World Challenge and caddied at the Masters par-3 tournament. Their meeting paved the way for a budding relationship. They are both wildly successful in their fields and are both incredibly popular with their fans.

Alexis Randock

Before meeting Allison Stokke, Fowler’s relationship with Alexis Randock was secret. She was still single after he broke up with Alexis Randock. However, after dating Allison for a few years, Fowler made a move and asked her to marry him. Earlier this year, Fowler had joked that he was dating an attractive woman. Allison Stokke was a sultry pole vaulter. However, she felt objectified due to the attention and debates surrounding her pictures.

Before the month ended, Fowler and Stokke took a break from golf and met Justin Thomas. Together, they hatched a plan for an intimate proposal. In Southampton, they posted a picture of the two of them holding hands and captioned it with the hashtag #RickFoundAChic. The couple were engaged in November 2018 and married in October 2019. They were secretly married, but the relationship has never been in doubt.

Young Age

Their love affair started when Stokke’s photo went viral. Soon, modeling and media companies began to pursue the model. Allison Stokke also spoke about the pressures of becoming famous at a young age. She continued receiving attention even when she was in high school. She then went to college and was awarded an athletic scholarship, as well as breaking many school records. After becoming a husband, she’s retired from modeling.

How did Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke met? These two people met through mutual friends on Instagram. Both have a huge social media following. Rickie is a pole vaulter, and Allison is a model for Nike and Athleta. Allison and Rickie met during a MotoGP event in Texas in 2017. They’ve been spotted together several times on the PGA Tour and have appeared together at other events. They’ve also played in par-3 contests at the Masters and exchanged wedding rings.

Sportswear Modeling

In 2007, Stokke was a high school student. She won two CIF California State Meets and ranked second in national high school rankings. Later, she was no longer competing in vaults, but her photo was shared across the internet, and she was soon approached by various fashion brands to do model shoots. After declining in vaults, she decided to try sportswear modeling. But how did she meet Rickie Fowler?

To put it simply, Stokke was an unremarkable internet sensation. A picture of Stokke with Fowler was picked up by a blog known for objectifying women. The image of Stokke spread and she went on to attend University of California, Berkeley. She broke the school’s freshman record and was eventually declared the best fifteen-year-old athlete in the nation. After the Olympics, she became a sportswear model and a performance marketing professional.


How did Rickie Fowler meet his wife Allison Stokke? – The couple was introduced at the 2016 Presidents Cup. Rickie Fowler’s wife Allison Stokke, a former pole vaulter, made her husband famous and is now married to him. The couple have a daughter together. Their relationship is one of the most exciting in the world of sports here.

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