How do you Manage Walmart Account & Track your order

By partnering with Walmart Marketplace, you will be able to reach the second largest e-commerce audience in the United States. With the interactive platform, customers can visualize the widest variety of products from many sellers who they can trust to deliver quality and value. Every month, Walmart receives more than 80 million unique visitors to their site, most of which are looking for products similar to those you are offering. 

With business of this mammoth size obviously Walmart account management is not easy task. You must have account managing software or an expert at your disposal to help you in understanding what goes in your inventory. They also help you understand what are your forecasts and how many sales you made this month etc. We will discuss here in this blog post how Walmart management is done by software. If you are currently looking for account management software for your Walmart store check Urtasker

How Urtasker can help you manage your Walmart account

Walmart! A marketplace alternative to! It won’t take long for you to become familiar with Walmart. Urtasker can assist with growing your business at Walmart. Among the services Urtasker offers are listed below in great detail 

Walmart Seeking More Detailed Product Contents: 

In terms of retailer requirements, Walmart is one of the largest chain of retail stores in the world, but these requirements are not so easy to follow.  At Urtasker, we have an experienced Walmart manager who can assist you in onboarding Walmart as soon as possible. Walmart’s systems can be integrated with Urtasker’s API and the process will be seamless for you. It is our responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with Walmart’s EDI system through Urtasker.

Listings of Walmart products: 

Walmart listing requirements can be maintained with the help of our highly skilled and experienced Marketplace Content development team. Urtasker is the perfect partner for Walmart stores because:

  • Optimize and SEO-friendly product listings on Walmart marketplace by creating, enhancing, modifying, and troubleshooting product listings.
  • Update existing information and optimize it.
  • Make sure that you write product descriptions that are both informative and precise at the same time.
  • Identify and incorporate effective keywords to maximize the customer’s shopping experience on your site
  • Produce reports showing the number of customers who consume the information and its impact on the business.

Walmart Sponsored Product Ads

Through Walmart’s sponsored products program, you can get your products the attention and sales they deserve. By setting up sponsored ads, optimizing your listings, and generating more conversions, Urtasker can help you increase sales.

Utilization of Urtasker technologies at Walmart Marketplace for account management

Depending on the business and industry, each company has specific needs that need to be addressed with unique solutions. We at Urtasker have Walmart online marketplace experts familiar with the latest technologies and work together to provide solutions based on client needs.

Multichannel eCommerce Software:

eCommerce was fairly simple in the early days. It grew over time. It became increasingly complex, fragmented, crowded, and competitive in a short time. As witnesses, we can confirm this. Additionally, more devices, more channels, and more countries are being added to the landscape every day.

Retailers and brands can use Urtasker to manage more listings, inventory, orders, shipping, and more to sell more products and reach more consumers.

Analyses & Research:

It takes a lot of time to do competition research and track Walmart Account Progress by hand. Experts at Urtasker will aid you in reducing your workload by using the most up-to-date Walmart Online Marketplace Research & Analytics available.

Make use of keyword tools:

On the Walmart Online Marketplace, Urtasker’s experts know how to use keyword tools to enhance the visibility of your listing and maximize sales.

Editing graphics and images:

We have designers at Urtasker who use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, etc. in order to enhance and enhance the appearance of your product images.

Tracking orders

Walmart packages can be tracked quite easily. Even so, if you are a new seller, you will be thoroughly guided on how Walmart tracking works at Urtasker. Let’s briefly guide you here how a customer can track their order on Walmart once it leaves your Warehouse to customer. 

A customer has to log in to Walmart or click the tracking link on the shipping confirmation email to track your order. Starting in 2022, you can track your order from Walmart by logging into your Walmart account. Walmart sends you a tracking link once the order has been shipped, which you can use to check on the order’s progress.

Here is how to track your order using the Walmart app:

  • Download the Walmart app
  • Log in by clicking on “Account”
  • Click on “Purchase History”
  • Click “Track Shipment” next to the order you want to track.

Additionally, if you choose to track your order through Walmart’s official website, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Visit through your search engine
  • Choose “Account”
  • The “Purchase History” page will appear
  • Log into your Walmart account and click “Track Shipment” on the order you want to track.

You will also find separate links for each shipped item if it is distributed separately from your purchase. Additionally, if the order is in the “Processing” status, consumers may not be able to track their package. Moreover, tracking links may not update for up to 48 hours after an item has been shipped. 

Using Walmart fulfillment services (WFS) to manage your account? 

You must login to your Seller Center account in order to verify your eligibility if you sell on Walmart’s marketplace. The Walmart Fulfillment Services Interest Form can be used if you are not a current seller. 

It is now much more complicated to sign up for WFS than it was to sign up for an Amazon account. Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can easily sign up with Amazon. If you plan to sell on, you need to register and obtain a US Business Tax ID (a Social Security Number will not be accepted). As part of its ongoing efforts to expand its product offering, Walmart is searching for partners who can supply high quality, authentic products. If you are not using WFS, then they will not allow you to sell on their marketplace.

It is a good idea to expand to Walmart Fulfillment Services. The platform enables you to operate your established business in a similar way to how you would on Amazon, but with a few additional features. Features and benefits of WFS:

  • Unlike Amazon, there are no monthly fees associated with fulfillment (Walmart does not disclose its fee structure) 
  • Fees for referrals categorically
  • Easy-to-read dashboard about sales, inventory, orders, and shipments so sellers can keep tabs on what’s happening
  • Walmart TwoDay tags will help your products gain visibility on WFS-enabled sites, and your search rankings will improve.
  • Your customers will be assured of peace of mind with our free and easy returns program
  • To help their sellers thrive and grow on the marketplace, they ensure that sellers receive personalized support and Account Management
  • For items stored in Walmart’s warehouses, they guarantee 2-day delivery through their massive fulfillment network
  • Walmart will deliver, pick, pack, and ship for you

WFS is an excellent choice for new sellers if they want to ease with managing their account and live tension free of shipping and tracking the order. 


We hope this article helps you understand how a management software helps you in managing your Walmart marketplace account. Do let us know at Urtasker if you need more assistance on Walmart account management we offer free advice to new sellers. 

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