How Does Assisted Living Improve Your Quality of Life?

Many people these days are turning to assisted living options either for themselves or loved ones. This has been frowned upon by a lot of citizens as the idea of losing your independence can be extremely intimidating. On the other hand, being realistic and remaining alone can have a detrimental impact on a person’s quality of life, leading to further physical and mental ailments down the line. Many senior living establishments advertise a “higher quality of life”, what do they mean by this?

Trained Medical professionals

Trained professionals can study for up to five years for nursing diplomas, and these professionals are likely at hand within an assisted living facility, meaning if the worst were to happen, your chances of survival are greatly increased. Somebody residing within an assisted living facility will be capable of requesting help at any time. This can be life-changing for those who have relied on long-distance relatives to provide care. 


It is estimated that 28% of older American adults live alone, which increases their chances of experiencing social isolation. Being isolated from social activities for long periods can have profound effects on a person’s health. Studies have shown it can increase the chance of dementia by up to 50%. Placing loved ones into assisted living senior centers means they will be surrounded by like-minded individuals of similar age groups allowing them to reconnect socially and build long-lasting friendships. This may be their final place of residence. Social interaction greatly increases one’s as studies have shown the quality of life.


Providing you select the correct center, residents can be blessed with luxurious amenities they would otherwise never be able to access. A quick google search, such as senior living Oak Park Illinois provide facilities and sporting fitness programs to assist with a resident’s health. Beauty salons are also a regular service provided with cinemas and restaurants included also. These sorts of areas give those who would usually be sitting at home things to do. This allows them to fill their hard-earned retirement with the luxuries they used to have to travel for. After watching the rocky balboa saga, they will likely return to a well-kept room visited by the housekeeping facilities at these sites, preventing them from lifting a finger. 


The last life enhancer to consider is security, and the older a person becomes, the more vulnerable they are. For those living on large plots of land or maybe those who live within challenging areas, it may become difficult to leave the house due to fear of the outside world. It can be difficult to admit, but the idea of defending oneself during an unthinkable event could be life-threatening. Assisted living facilities of high quality will operate a 24-hour security detail partnered with full-time surveillance ensuring the safety of both the residents and staff. This can be a relief for the entire family, knowing dear old dad can leave his boxing gloves hung up for good.

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