How king mattress protectors are a good fit for your huge bed

The beauty of big mattress protectors is that they easily fit any bed size, especially big sizes. If you’ve once bought the wrong size of a mattress protector, you probably can relate to the struggle of trying to make it fit your bed. Each time you draw it from one end, it comes off from the other. You keep doing this for minutes, hoping it would lay appropriately, at least just for the night, but it just won’t budge. This scenario often occurs when you have the wrong size of protector. But, you could have saved yourself the hassle if you had a king mattress protector.

King mattress protectors are usually big; therefore, they are the perfect choice for big beds. So if your present mattress protector won’t lay properly at each end of the bed, you should consider buying a king mattress protector. Not only will it save you that night struggle but also keep your mattress safe from any form of dirt. That sounds like two-timing bedding. Who doesn’t love it? 

Apart from length and width, a king mattress protector offers many great features that make each night something you’ll always long for. As long as you choose the correct king mattress protector made with quality materials, you can enjoy:

  • A relaxed and comfy sleep
  • Since king mattress protectors are also thin covers, they allow you to enjoy the comfort of your bed to the full.
  • With a king mattress protector, you’ll be able to cover all parts of the bed without exposing any sides.

Should you dispose an old mattress?

Every year, approximately twenty million mattresses end up in landfills. Will your mattress also end up in the landfill once you’re ready to dispose of it? Is there no better way to dispose of a mattress? Well, apart from filling the landfill with millions of mattresses, there are other alternatives to approach. Let’s take a look at what to do with an old mattress.

When moving to a new house, we often want to save ourselves the hassle of moving it; therefore, we get a new one. And sometimes, we want to dispose of it because we feel it’s time to replace it. Where does the old mattress go then?


Averagely, a mattress can last for up to ten years. If your mattress is within the range below ten years and in good shape, then you may donate it. Your mattress might be just what someone needs rather than sleeping without one. However, when thinking about what to do with an old mattress and the donating idea comes up, remember:

  • Your mattress should not be torn, as most donation bases often resell the mattress.

Mattresses with stains make the new user feel insecure, as stained mattresses often mean it’s not sanitary.

The next time you think about what to do with an old mattress, remember donating is allowed as long as it is in good shape.

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