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How to Build an app Like LinkedIn?

Lots of online businesses have evolved to become worldwide enterprises. Your app may become the next success story because the technology they utilized to build their platform is also available to you. Consider how you might establish a platform similar to LinkedIn. The site has a user base of around 673 million, making it one of the most popular social networks in terms of active users. The process of developing an application is rather challenging. Several factors can be discouraging, including cost, team formation, server troubles, project management difficulties, and the like. This tutorial will assist you in avoiding such issues and saving dollars as you complete the mobile application project. Let’s consider the process to build an app like LinkedIn.

Build an app like Linked-In

Work on an MVP for the mobile app

The first and most critical aspect to remember is that the development cycle should be as quick as possible. The timeframe for launching your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) should be no more than a week. The bottom line is that you must collect real-world data and client input to determine the most critical features. Regardless, the initial development phase should be straightforward. The objective is to satisfy the app’s fundamental operational and security needs.

Compile a list of LinkedIn’s MVP features for your business app.

Take a look at the following list to incorporate in the mobile app for future consideration:

  • Account Creation: This feature enables users to create an account to access the service.
  • Private Messaging: A feature that enables users of the app platform to communicate privately.
  • Establish and Manage Connections: Users can establish connections with other users, follow profiles, and unfollow as necessary.
  • Résumé Management: This feature allows you to create a resume that includes your education, abilities, and work experience.
  • Account Management: Account management features.
  • Group Management: Members should have the ability to create groups, customize their features, and delete groups at any moment.
  • User Privacy: This allows the user to change the privacy settings for their profile.
  • Activity Feed: Add, modify, delete, like, and share feeds.
  • Job Posting: Platform users can create and manage job postings.
  • Activity Notifications: The platform sends notifications to users.
  • Search: The user can do a platform-wide search.

 Other features for the business app: 

  • Admin Panel: It creates a secure login for the administrator user.
  • Dashboard Administration: It is a dashboard for administering the platform’s modules. It allows for the addition, editing, and deletion of user accounts.
  • Manage Job Applications: This section has functionality for handling job listings and application submissions.
  • Management of Activity Feeds: Admin interface for managing activity feeds.
  • Manage Groups: Admin interface for managing the platform’s groups and reviews.
  • Email Management: Managing the content of emails sent to users by the platform.
  • Admin Interface for Resume Management: The administrator interface for managing user resumes.
  • Membership Levels: Admin access allows for the management of several user memberships.
  • CMS: The capability for a user to manage front-end content and configurations.

These are the essential features to build an app like Linked-In. Ensure that you stand out from the competitors! Please remember to include the unique characteristics that your app will have.

The LinkedIn App Development Process

To begin, you must understand that wireframes, mockups, and prototypes are not synonymous. Here are the distinctions. The wireframe is a rough drawing of the application’s user interface. The mockup depicts the app’s user interface, complete with animated elements and vibrant colors. The prototype enables minimum interaction with the app, for example, button pressing.

Create the front-end code for your mobile app

The front end is a critical component of your app’s success. It is why you should invest time and effort into developing an appealing, clean, and functional front-end for the application. One can build an app as a native, web, or hybrid application.

Create a landing page for your business app

The app landing page enables you to target a specific audience. This type of advanced targeting provides critical information on prospective app users, allowing you to fine-tune campaigns and boost conversion rates. It is how you increase the number of users that download the app. Along with increasing app downloads, the landing page strengthens and establishes the brand’s trust.

All you need to do is become organized and allocate the necessary human and financial resources. Before coding:

  1. Ensure that you have a high-level specification, an application design, and developers in place.
  2. Better yet, pick an app builder to do the work.

If you are confident that your app will have a realistic demand, choose an app builder and begin developing your LinkedIn like social networking app.

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