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How to Buy Bedsheets for Home?

A bedroom is a place that serves to be our recharging point in our day-to-day lives. It gives us the peace, comfort and necessary relaxation for a better sleep that in turn gives the required energy for the day’s activities. A bedroom is not a mere room with just walls. It is a combination of various products and things that determines the room’s ambiance. 

Out of all the elements that constitute a bedroom, bed sheets are the most important ones next to beds. Since we spend one-third of our day in bed, the comfort and the solace it gives you are really important. The material you choose for your bed sheet and even its color could impact the room’s environment and your mood. 

Considering this, buying bed sheets might need some guidance and tips for making a better choice and setting the atmosphere right. Here are a few things to consider before choosing the bed sheets for your home.

Tips to Buy Bed Sheets for Home

Below are 6 points to think about while buying bed sheets:

Choose the Right Fabric

Bed sheets are available in many fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, plant-based fiber, etc., You need to be aware of what suits you and which material makes you feel comfortable. Certain fabrics affect breathability while a few others might increase body heat. For its durability and cost-effectiveness, some bed sheets even come with a mix of polyester. So, know your requirements and choose the right fabric or blend of fabrics for better comfort.

Thread Count

Thread Count refers to the number of threads woven in a square inch of fabric. A count of 200 threads is considered normal to make a quality bed sheet. Any number around 300 to 400 is said to be luxurious and comfy. That doesn’t mean that the more the thread count, the more comfortable your sheets will be. Counts above 500 could make it rough.  Beware of the thread count while choosing your bed sheet. 

Measure the Size of your Bed

Knowing the size of your bed is very important before looking for the sheets. Despite choosing the right fabric and best quality bed sheets, it is of no use if the size doesn’t fit your bed. Measure the length, breadth and depth of the bed to find the best fitting cover. Also remember that depending on the fabric, the bed sheet might shrink during washes.

Notice the Weave of the Fabric

The weaving style can directly impact the texture and feel of the bed sheet. The basic weave is a grid-like one that makes the sheet crisp and light. It might also make you feel comfortable and offer cool bedding. Densely woven sheets give you an extra-soft feel and are wrinkle-resistant. Bed sheets without any mention of the weave are the basic ones with low thread count. They might be inexpensive.

Prints or Patterns

The design of the bed sheet decides the ambiance of your bedroom. You need to be aware of the room’s environment, like the color of the walls, curtains, etc., before choosing the design of the bed sheet. Whether it is a printed design or a pattern, pick a design that blends well with the room and suits you the most. Sometimes, bright patterns and designs would also add a charming look to your cozy space. The designs matter too. 

Know the Return Policy

If you are purchasing online, then know the seller’s return policy. Despite the meticulous planning in choosing the bed sheet, there are chances of errors popping up which might be because of the company or the delivery franchise they use. Or, the quality of the material might be different from what it was shown, the color and design might not be up to your level of satisfaction, there could be damage in threads and stitching, etc., So, have a look at the return policy before placing the order.

The above are some of the ideas and tips that a buyer should know before buying a quality and comfortable bed sheet. All the above points are to be considered important and one cannot be skipped over another. These ideas could help you narrow your search for the best bed sheets available in the market.

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