How To Do Local SEO?

If you are one of those people who like to be informed about the cutting-edge, most effective selling techniques, you definitely need to know about local SEO. Chances are that you have previously heard about SEO, which stands for search engine optimization and refers to a process which, unlike different approaches, can be implemented to every industry and yet it uses customised techniques, regardless of the size, location, niche, experience or any other feature you may think of. So, whether you are the owner of a well-established small flower shop in a medium-sized county, or you manage a famous makeup brand located in the main commercial avenue of a big metropolis, you can definitely get even more benefits from SEO. One of the most important areas of this versatile discipline is local SEO, and if you want to know more about what it is, this important information is for you.

Local SEO in simple words

Probably the easiest way to learn what local SEO is, is by having a short explanation and some insightful examples, so, let’s get to the juicy stuff. If you want to get traffic in your online store but not from the other side of the globe, but rather from those people who live nearby and are actually interested in getting your products, that is called local SEO, and that is a wise move for any company to make. While there are a lot of increased chances to make global transactions in our current age, the truth is that most customers still prefer to get some products and services from a local provider. Now, targeting a specific geographic area is not an easy thing, and you may want to have the support of an expert SEO to do it right.

Is local SEO worth the investment 

Did you know that almost half of the search queries on Google are looking for local information? Among the benefits of having these kinds of strategies into place, is that your geographic information (such as your commercial address as well as the phone number) will be used to show your website to those potential customers who live closer, and as surprising as this may sound, more than 70% of users who used search engines to look for a local choice, visited a store within 8km from their household. As you may see, local SEO is one of your best options when it comes to reaching more customers.

Tips for applying local SEO like a pro

There are many popular techniques to improve your visibility in the local searches related to your industry, and this is a set of strategies that must be in constant optimisation because as you may know, SEO is in continuous evolution, just as Google algorithms. However, some of the actions that often provide good results are: setting your business in ‘Google My Business’, asking your customers to leave reviews in this section but also in local blogs, add location pages to your website and create and post high-quality local content.

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