How to Launch an Effective Email Marketing Campaign in 2022

Just when some companies thought that email marketing had disappeared, various privacy regulations have allowed consumers to regain control of their inboxes. Now, only companies that have permission can contact consumers. If you can get the permission of leads, they expect content and are likely to engage with it. Therefore, it’s time to dust off the old email marketing strategies and launch new campaigns this year. 

But how do you get started? 

Step 1 – Refine Your System

As mentioned, you cannot just send unsolicited emails to prospective clients and customers any longer. Even though some services will still try to sell email lists, we recommend avoiding them because you could fall foul of GDPR and other privacy regulations. 

Whether you’re rejuvenating an old strategy or starting from scratch, ensure that the first step is to collect email addresses legitimately. Use contact forms on your website and encourage people to leave their contact details on landing pages. As you start to build email lists, segment them according to behavior, demographics, interests, and other information. 

Step 2 – Review Past Performance 

What if you’ve stuck with email marketing all along? In this case, you can look back at past campaigns and assess the following: 

  • Click-through rates 
  • Open rates 
  • Unsubscribe rates 
  • Click-to-open rates 

What has worked well in the past? What hasn’t worked so well? 

Step 3 – Learn About Your Audience 

Over the years, email marketing techniques have changed dramatically. Many years ago, you could send the same message to hundreds of people and expect good results. These days, you need to provide personalized content, and this starts with a good understanding of your audience. Instead of just looking at the traditional age, location, gender information, go deeper and learn more. 

The more information you have about an audience, the easier it becomes to resonate with them. You can tailor the content to their needs. 

Step 4 – Create Winning Content 

With a legitimate email list and knowledge of your audience, it’s time to create the content that will encourage leads to become customers (and customers to buy from the brand again). Remember, personalization goes beyond using their name in the subject of the email. Instead, consider sending tailored discounts and product suggestions based on their interactions with the brand. 

Naturally, you may need to consider artificial intelligence and machine learning at this stage to make your job easier. King Kong’s digital agency services in NZ use the latest technology to launch an effective email marketing campaign. 

Why go to all this effort? According to some statistics, open rates are as much as 25% higher when the subject is personalized. What’s more, transaction rates are SIX TIMES higher when an email is tailored to the customer. 

Elsewhere, you might also consider user-generated content (UGC) in your email campaign. These days, people are tired of hearing brands shout about their own products. You’re biased, of course you think that your products are the best around. However, getting real customers to say that your products are the best is another matter entirely. Before long, people will queue up to learn more about your brand. 

Step 5 – Send the Email

At this stage, you’re ready to send the email. Once again, take advantage of tools (and the tools that digital marketing agencies have). Often, they can send emails at a time where the recipient is most likely to engage. 

As another bonus tip, don’t be afraid to offer something in return (whether a free eBook or whitepaper!). Also, clean up your list every so often, respect the wishes of people who want to be removed from your email list, and automate wherever possible to make your life easier! 

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