How to Maintain Mental Health at a University

The mental health of students is just as important as physical health. Emotional burnout, stress during the session, anxiety and insecurity are all challenges that most students face all the time.

The main reason why it is important to take care of psychological health – people need to live a full life. Without a good mental state, it is impossible to realize one’s potential, to enjoy life, to build strong happy relationships. No one wants to live in misery and regret the fact that he was born at all. And that’s exactly what happens if you don’t worry about your condition and don’t support it in any way. 

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Signs of disturbance

If the psyche is stable, then the person can live fully, react adequately to any situations, contact and interact with others, build personal or family relationships, demonstrate creative abilities, adapt to difficult conditions, take the initiative, take responsibility, in general, do everything that helps not just to exist, but also to achieve the best quality of life.

If mental health is impaired, it can manifest itself in almost any area of life, from family relationships to careers.

Possible signs of impaired mental health are:

  • difficulties with socialization, inability to communicate and negotiate with people;
  • inadequate reaction to stress;
  • inability to control their emotions;
  • unreasonable aggression;
  • apathy;
  • fears, feelings of inferiority or incompetence;
  • fear of responsibility;
  • unwillingness to learn new things;
  • erratic behavior.

All of these symptoms not only position a person as inferior or abnormal, but also interfere with his life and sometimes destroy it. And that is why it is important to constantly and carefully monitor your mental health, and from a very early conscious age. 

How to maintain mental health

Every student needs to know how to maintain mental health. This is because students are most susceptible to psychological difficulties. Most of them have to think about how to combine work and university, successfully close sessions, build healthy relationships, rent an apartment and how to choose a profession. These and many other reasons can be complicated by childhood traumas, bullying, and not the warmest relationships with parents. This is why it is important for students to learn how to take care of their mental health.

Now that it is clearer what mental health is, let’s find out what are the ways to preserve and enhance it. You can use them if you suddenly start to experience some psychological difficulties.

  1. Get rid of negative factors that affect your emotional state. For example, it can be communication with a toxic person, then you should limit it as much as possible. 
  2. Do not give up on new experiences, boldly accept adventures. Change is beneficial to our condition. And if you’re having trouble with it, then you need to work through some trauma with a specialist. A mentally healthy person easily tolerates any changes in his life and quickly adapts to them.
  3. Carefully monitor your emotional state and reactions to certain situations. This will help, if necessary, to contact a specialist in time and avoid negative consequences. For this purpose, make a diary and try to regularly write down everything that bothers you or that pleases you. The main thing is not to be selective in the information, and really spill out on paper absolutely everything
  4. Try to meet all your needs. Do not stop at closing the most basic, you should not limit yourself too much and constantly think about how to run a budget to save and set aside money.

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Some more useful tips for improving your mental health

  1. Share your emotions with others, learn to express your feelings. Tell the people you love them and how important they are to you.
  2. Try to put yourself in a positive frame of mind. This does not mean that you should turn a blind eye to all the bad things in this world. Rather, it means focusing on the good things, on the positive things in life that are worth paying attention to more often
  3. Learn to take care of yourself. Once a week, set aside a day that you dedicate only to yourself. You can watch your favorite movies all day, take care of yourself at home or go to the spa.
  4. Resist personal boundaries. Feel free to explain to people how you can and can not treat you. For example, if you are restricted in something, it is worth reading our article “What to do if my girlfriend is against communicating with friends,” and to put everything in its place
  5. Give up bad habits. Alcohol, cigarettes and even more so illegal substances greatly affect mental health. 
  6. Know how to refuse. Sometimes it is especially important to say a firm “no. For example, leave a boring job or an unhealthy relationship. If you don’t, you’re unlikely to ever feel better.

To conclude

Campus life can be stressful and overwhelming at times. It is important to find healthy ways to cope with stress. So, the best ways to stay mentally healthy are to focus on the positive side of life, stand up for personal boundaries and know how to say “no”. There are many other ways to maintain mental health at university. By taking care of yourself and seeking help when needed, you can set yourself up for success.

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