How To Perfectly Use A Blow Dryer Brush?

Nobody wants to spend more time blow-drying wet hair, juggling a round brush, and afterward having to grab for another heating tool for the styling regimen. Not only will this take longer, but it would also risk your strands to greater heat damage. 

If you’ve ever wanted to dry and style your hair at the same time, the very next hot tool craze, we’re talking well about is a blow dryer brush. Continue reading this article to know how to use it perfectly. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Blow-Dryer Brush?

Consider a large round brush, similar to the one your hairstylist used to thoroughly dry your hair. Only one distinction would be that this brush seems to be electric, so it blows warm air whenever people turn it on. This implies that while you brush your moist hair, the brush dries the strands. Isn’t it brilliant?

Follow these instructions for a flawless appearance by using a blow dryer brush.

  1. Dry Partially

While you can use a blow dryer brush on damp hair, you will have the finest results if you let it dry first. But, don’t let it dry completely. It’s best to work on damp hair rather than dripping wet hair.

  1. Heat Protector

As with every other moment you style your hair using hot tools, you should apply a protectant to the strands first. Spray one through your hair, gently comb it to spread the substance, and remove any knots.

  1. Hair Sectioning

Then, with a clawed clip, divide your hair into sections. The number of portions will be determined by the number of hairs you have. Produce a top and bottom segment for hair of normal thickness. 

Clip the top part to get it out of its way. Split this bottom section approximately right down the middle, putting every side in front of the shoulder. You will practice on every side independently.

  1. Hair Wrapping 

Now is the time to get your blow brushes out! Set it on and take 1-2 chunks of hair. Put the brush just at the ends of your hair, and then roll it up the length of your hair till the barrels reaches the roots. Wrap the hairs all around the brush as you go.

  1. Release

Take 10 to 20 seconds before carefully winding the brush downwards and unwinding your hair. You will get left with smooth, frizz-free hairs with a subtle curled just at ends when your hair is freed. 

Yes, it’s that simple. Repeat the wrapping and releasing technique for the remainder of your hair on the bottom half.

  1. Touch-Ups

Now, you’ve completed your homemade blowout, it’s better to implement the final touches! Utilize your blow-dryer brush to add bounces to any places that need it. 

Once you’re satisfied with the results, smooth a little bit of hair serum into your hair for a smooth look. Use a volume spritz over your root for extra lift and bring your blown-out hair to new heights. 

Wrapping Up!

There is no doubt your lifestyle would be forever transformed when you buy a blow dryer brush. You will spare money since you won’t need to go to hairdresser hairstyling on special occasions. Your hair will attract attention, and everyone will want to learn what your trick is.

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